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January 3, 2022
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Wild Betta Journal

I do have a blog already, but I thought this could be more for the day-to-day lives of my fish.

To start with, here are some pictures of my B. burdigala juveniles out of captive bred parents. There are four of them. One is really small and I can't sex, but the others look like two females and a male. They have two older sisters, and all of them will be staying here with me rather than being sold on.

Currently have no spawns going at the moment. I don't mind as I have at least 100 odd fry/juveniles growing out in my tanks.

I have two tanks under treatment for velvet. One houses some juveniles (I think it is the slowest growing species in the world) and the other some juveniles and their parents. Hoping to get rid of this frustrating parasite over the next week to give my fish some relief.

Going to be doing a big overhaul of my tanks in the next week. I am going to clean most of them out and get a proper headcount on how many fry/juveniles I have still in with their parents.

Wish I could get my brownorum female to stop eating their eggs while they are spawning. The male is a very lousy father and whatever eggs survive he stops guarding and lets her get in with them. I think I am never going to get any surviving fry from this species!

Hoping to get my hands on a pair of B. coccina before the year is out, but think my chances are slim. I wish wild bettas were as easy to source as splendens are. It seems I always like fish that are either horribly expensive or incredibly hard to find.

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