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October 12, 2022
I usually have 30 to 50 Bettas

Some people may be wondering how to do this. It can be confusing and taunting.

For starters:
The thought of getting your fish from another part of the country or the WORLD for that matter may be scary. The thought of your betta beauties going through the mail is even scarier. Trust me it's 100% safe. Sure there's a few DOAs but bettas are very good travelers. In fact your bettas got to the store buy getting shipped from Thailand!

Signing up for Aquabid:

*You will need a PayPal account, very few sellers will accept a different method of payment.

Choosing a seller:
This is VERY important. Look for a seller with many good reviews and low DOA policy. Here's a very good page with information on choosing a seller:

Buy It Now VS Bidding:
I prefer only to buy auctions labeled Buy It Now because I have bidding wars. In fact I've only bidded on one auction and that was my amazing purple DT boy from Martinismommy.

Buying from someone in your country:
Ok so you found someone selling a betta in your country? Now Buy It Now or bid (instructions below). When you Buy It Now you'll get a message saying to contact the seller about payment and shipping. For US sellers they offer $15 Priority shipping or $35 Express shipping...personally I never use Priority because I don't want my new fish in the mail longer than they need to be. So you pay and arrange shipping dates. Ask any questions you have at this point. Keep in touch with the seller, they like to keep up with how the fish are doing. Remember to honor the DOA policy should you recieve a dead fish.

Buying from Asia:
Most of the time they're from Thailand. It's easier than it sounds (well for me hehe ). So like above bid or buy the aution. Contact the seller for shipping and payment.

Here's a list of costs for ordering from Thailand:

*Price of fish
*Price of overnight shipping to transhipper ($5 per fish)
*Price of handling (to be payed to transhipper, $2 per fish)
*Price of shipping from transhipper ($15 Priority or $35 Express)

The above is just basic.prices vary from transhipper to transhipper.

Picking the right transhipper:
Location is important. I pick my fish up from Linda Olson and she's a very nice and helpful person. If you have a local transhipper try to arrange a pickup date. If not pick a good transhipper, from what I've heard Linda Olson and Jenn Vivieros are the best. I've heard ok things about Julie Tran, bad things about Pegasus, and nothing about Kevin.

If you don't live in the US research your local transhippers.

My reccomendations:

Here are some good sellers who I highly reccomend buying from:


I hope this helped anyone confused about buying bettas from Aquabid.

Who am I? Well I am a Junior Member of the International Betta Congress and a breeder of white HMPKs, red dragon HMPKs, black/red dragon HMPKs, metallic multi HMPKs, blue masked HMPKs, and now multi color HMs. Soon to add black HMs. I will be showing in New Breeder class in fall of 2012.

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