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December 24, 2020
BETTA Siamese blue Fighting

Having the right size of a Siamese Fighting fish aquarium fish tank is very important. To have healthy fish Siamese fighting fish prefer a heavily planted aquarium with a lot of space. They are absolutely not suitable for fish bowls and miniature tanks they are often photographed in. If you provide bettas the right water conditions, the males will show their happiness by building a bubble nest even if he is not breeding. Siamese Fighting Fish Aquarium Kit

The smallest acceptable tank size for Betta splendens is one gallon (3.8 liters). 2.5 gal (9.5 liters) and up is much better for your fish.

The Siamese fish tanks should have dim lighting and the minimum size for one betta pair is about 2.5 gal. Also provide hiding places like caves for the female in case she will be harassed by the male too much. The water should be slightly acid, with slow current and the water level should never reach the top of the tank, since they are labyrinth breathers they breathe atmospheric oxygen too.

Place a cover above the tank, since they may jump out. Especially the females!

Fish Tank Mates

Betta splendens are peaceful toward most other fish. Despite of that, they will feel the best if you’ll keep only one male and one or more females in a tank with some peaceful bottom dwellers.

Definitely avoid any, even slightly, aggressive fish, but also peaceful but fast moving fish like neon tetras.

If you put two males into one tank, the dominant one will kill the other one. If the male doesn’t like the female, he will kill her as well and if the male is too weak the female can kill the male too.

That is why you should observe how the new bettas will tolerate each other the fist days after you place them into the tank. The only slightly possible way how to keep more male bettas in one tank is to keep a breeding pair and their children in a big aquarium. Then the breeding pair are dominant fish and the other ones should not feel such a strong need to kill each other.

Betta Fish Tanks – Betta Aquariums
Having the right size of a betta fish tank aquariums are very important. To have healthy fish Siamese fighting fish prefer a heavily planted tanks and a lot of space.

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