Take care of Betta fish

June 27, 2017
Betta Fish Types and How to

Beta fish are a great fish for anyone looking for an easy fish to have and take care of. They are beautiful and come in a variety of colors and are fairly easy to maintain. They require little attention and are a very inexpensive pet. They would be great for younger children to start off with so they learn to be responsible and care for another before they move on to other pets.
A few necessities for beta fish are a water bowl, fresh water and food. Added extras can be plants inside the water bowl or decorative items that can go inside. Deciding on a fish bowl takes some amount of effort. There is a huge variety to choose from. You can have a simple vase, or an aquarium. They also make ones that allow for self-cleaning. The location of the beta fish is something to consider when determining which water bowl would be best. Once you have chosen a home for your beta fish you can decide which beta fish you would like to get. Pet stores often have a variety of colors and males or females to choose from. One important thing to note is you should never house beta fish together in the same bowl. They tend to fight and can harm each other.
Once you have the beta fish and its home picked out you can decide one its food. They eat very little so a container of beta fish pellets could last you months if not a year. You only have to give the beta fish one pellet a day in order to feed them properly and occasionally you can choose a day to skip just to make sure they aren’t over eating. Make sure once you drop the pellet in the beta fish eats it within an hour or you should remove it to keep the water bowl from getting dirty.
Beta fish require clean water in order to swim around in. It is best to clean the water bowl once a week to ensure it is up to standard for your beta fish. You can transfer the beta fish into a smaller bowl and clean out his original water bowl with dish soap and water. Make sure you clean it all the way and do not leave any residue as this may harm your beta fish. Once it is clean let it air dry and you can add water. Make sure the water gets to room temperature before you add the beta fish back into his new home or they could go into shock.
You can add a plant to the beta fish’s water bowl to give them a place to swim around or you could also add rocks on the bottom for decoration. Beta fish seem to like space so make sure when you add things you are still giving them enough room to swim around in. They should be able to swim up and get there food without a struggle to get around the decorative items in the water bowl.

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