Betta fish tank Separator

November 1, 2019
This 20 gallon long is the

Yeah. The divider will keep them from spawning, and that would actually be a great place to keep both of them, across the divider in the same tank. Not exactly the best way to house the two together which would take at least 50 gallons, but oh well.

Be careful with the divider. Fish are very creative about jumping over or swimming around them.

Once you address the jumping issue John mentioned - they should have enough space in there for two Betta fish.

So Thomas - what have you decided to go for? I am sure having a 10g will give you more 'room for maneuver' and better water quality and stability. I now have a nearly 10g housing one Betta male and ive plants. He is very happy in there and has lots of room for swimming, hiding places etc. It also gives me some scope for changing the decor slightly so he is not bored. So it would be a good start

I think I'm going to try to have one five gallon tank with one male betta and live plants.

as long as they ccant get to each other or he will kill her if they are spawning as soon as they are done remove the male and put him back in his own side

You definwtly can! But if u het all female u can let them go toghter just an idea!

Apart from the jumping issue already mentioned, it isn't a bad idea and will probably work. The only other issue is if it's a clear divider they will see each other and possibly feel threatened. This of course will stress you fish which is never good. So keep an eye on them and may sure that there not too stressed.

For a betta, 3 gallons is the absolute minimum-5 gallons is preferred for a number of reasons, to include available filters, heaters, etc., aside from just generally being better living conditions.

I have a 5 gallon planted betta tank, and my betta seems very happy.

If you get a 5 gallon kit, you may want to take steps to diminish the flow of your filter. All fish need filtration, but a betta can struggle with excessive current due to their long fins.

For my tank, I have a "baffled" hang on back filter (Aqua Tech 5-15), as well as an undergravel filter.

Hope that helps!


they fight they're reflection and hit they're heads on the tank so they would probably both hit they're heads an the plastic/glass

they fight they're reflections too so yeah they would die

yes you can keep a male and female betta in the same tank with a divider. i have my male and female betta in a 5 gallon without a divider. but this is very rare for them to not fight.

It's not just about them being unable to see each other because they can still smell each other. Also, in addition to what everyone has said, be sure to check that the bottom of the divider is secure to the tank since Bettas are smart and determined enough to go under the divider. If one makes it to the other side, there will be a blood bath in your tank.

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