Plants for Betta fish tank

December 28, 2018

Decorating a Betta fish tank can be quite a difficult task. It is easy to find fake plants for your fish to hide in at nearly any store that sells pet supplies but these plants are often harmful for long finned bettas. The majority of fake plants that you can find in a store are either plastic or have plastic elements on or around them. Everything from fake logs to ceramic caves tend to have some type of plastic garnish. Some fabric plants even have plastic additions at their bases or inside of them. While plastic isn’t always particularly sharp and can feel soft enough, Betta splendens have very delicate fins that can become caught and torn easily from even the smallest presence of plastic.

High quality fabric plants are the only type of fake plant a Betta fish should have. While live plants are ideal and highly beneficial, it is understandable that not everybody can have or afford them in their tanks. It can be hard to find good quality fabric plants for a tank, especially ones with variety. So let’s look at the some of the best fake plants out there.

5. Betta Amazon Sword Plant by Blue Spotted

Surprisingly, even though this product is betta-specific it actually isn’t harmful to Betta fish like most other products with that label. This plant is a fake version of a real plant popular in Betta fish tanks. Aside from the plastic roots, which you will need to cover up with gravel to hold the decoration down anyway, there are no plastic parts that stick out and can catch a long-finned betta’s tail. The fabric is soft and looks nice in an aquarium, especially for those going for a natural look. It also isn’t particularly large at 4.5 x 3.5 x 4 inches. A handful of these with some taller fabric plants can create a nice aesthetic and provide a diversity in exploration for your fish.

4. Marina Naturals Foreground Silk Plant by Marina

As the title indicates, we have another natural styled plant and it looks particularly well in the front of your tank. The larger leaves of this fake plant provide more coverage for fish, so don’t be surprised if you see your betta hiding in them. This wider fake plant can help create the illusion of having more plants than you actually do and costs less than ten dollars, making it a cheaper decoration in a sea of expensive products. The lighter shade of the leaves if also a nice break from a market full of dark plants. This shade can help make darker Betta fish stand out and will look particularly nice with those blue, red, or orange in color.

3. Foxtail Silk-Style Aquarium Plant by Vibran-Sea/Blue Ribbon

A beautiful eye catching piece, this unnatural plant is also available in green and orange. Different sizes come in additional colors as well. The best part about this plant isn’t the color variety though—it has no metal stem! A common problem in desirable fake plants in this style, a metal stem is usually hidden beneath the fabric in order to make the product sturdier. The problem with this, however, is that should the metal support ever become exposed to the water through even a small tear in fabric (some already come with small tears that are hard to notice) the metal will begin to rust. Rust and aquariums is a bad combination. Unless you want to have poisoned fish, it is best to avoid metal inside fabric plants. The soft texture of this product is also a great feature and Betta fish love to swim through stalks of this plant. This particular one is a large plant at 19 inches tall and will do well in larger aquariums but there are shorter options available through the seller’s page.

2. Purple/Green Silk Plant 2-Pack by biOrb

A but on the pricier side but certainly high quality is this set of two silk plants from biOrb. These plants are thin and can help fill tiny spaces. They have no plastic parts to worry about whatsoever and are easy to plant in a tank. Their base is a nice feature because unlike other brands, they do not take up a lot of horizontal room and allow you to plant them close to one another without awkward gaps at the stems. This can help your aquarium have a fuller appearance. Their colors are sharp and a variety of options can be found through this seller’s page as well.

1. Ecoscaper Houttoynia Cordata Silk Plant by Marina

Marina makes the list once again and, quite frankly, it wasn’t a hard choice. Many fantastic options for Betta fish are available through Marina’s line of silk plants that have no addition plastic parts. This medium-sized plant offers light coverage and variety in your tank’s appearance. The leaves of this plant are quite appealing in shape. The product description boasts that this realistic style plant will not fade in color, a problem many aquarium lovers face after their beloved (and not so inexpensive) fake plants spend significant time in water. A product that looks just as new two years after purchase is not an easy one to come by, making this plant a serious consideration.

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