Betta fish making bubbles

August 17, 2022
Blue Inky Betta Fish Ornament

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As eve said
The bubbles you are describing maybe bubblenest.
However a bowl is not suitable for any fish..
A betta needs a minimum of 3g tank with heater and filter..

Upgrading your betta to a bigger tank makes him happy😊

This link may help you..


That's a happy betta you have there! Happy bettas will make a bubble nest. If they dont then maybe you need to make some changes to the tank or to the fish. But great job!

Well those tiny bubbles are something male Betta fish create when their mate is going to give birth called bubble nests. After the female giving a birth, the male will scoop up the babies in his mouth and stick them inside the bubbles. Infact, you may not even have a female betta so why would he make this?
Your betta will do this as a sign to tell you that he is happy and healthy when their is no mate in with him. It is perfectly normal, you should see these every couple of weeks or so, but all fish are different.

Bubble nests just mean he is sexually mature I think if it meant he was happy you wouldn't see bubble nests in pet shops but you do see them

Bettas do not give birth to live young they are egg layers. Also a tank of 3 gallons or more is recommended to a single Male Betta.
This post is also quite old so I think the question has been answered before now also.

I disagree with some people above as bubble nest making is a sign of sexual maturity not happiness.

Thank you for your pat on my grandsons back! We were very worried.

If you have a female she's making a nest. I think the females make nest I could be wrong it could be the males that make the nest either it made a nest.

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