Breeding Betta fish Step by Step

April 21, 2022
Breeding Of Betta Fish : A

Bettas breed best when they're puerile, when their colors are vibrant and their fins are vigorous. Make sure both the male and female are about the same size. Also consider getting a second pair in case the first one doesn't work out due to sundry factors like infertility (infrequent) or aggression (not so recherche).

There are additionally other things that are consequential to consider. There are many variants of bettas and colors to optate from. It is compulsory to keep in mind the sort variations that you are looking in the fry.


This is the next step on breeding betta fish. Conditioning is 1-a fortnight afore you introduce the fish to each other. In this time, you require to nourish your fish with live worms and brine shrimp. Brine shrimp are very costly so only if you have an abundance of mazuma then go for it! Bloodworms are a much more frugal alternative. Make sure to emaculate them exhaustively because they can carry bacteria and parasites. Feed two worms twice a day to each fish, this will avail them have the compulsory nutrients they require for a prosperous breeding cycle.

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