Keeping Betta fish Happy

September 18, 2021
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Keeping your Betta fish happy and at the top of his health has a lot to do with what you feed him. Betta fish can be notoriously picky eaters, but will eat with enthusiasm food they like, including things they shouldn't be eating. In order to keep your fish looking and feeling their best, you need to pay close attention to what and how you feed them.

Don't Overfeed Your Betta

Siamese fighting fish can be really expressive. So expressive that you may feel tempted to feed them more than they should, because given the way they attack the food they like, the poor things must be starving! That is just not true. Your fish is fine with feeding once a day a moderate amount of high-quality food, they just like making a big show of it. You should feed enough food to be eaten within two minutes, because overfeeding will just end up causing a dirty tank which is the perfect growing ground for bacteria instead of healthy Bettas. A bit of a rounded belly is OK, as you don't want your fish to be too thin, but a definitely rounded shape is a sign that you are feeding your pet too much. Remember, they can eat themselves to death if you aren't careful.

Bettas Like Interesting Food

Betta fish are inquisitive by nature, and they need an exciting environment with plenty of things to investigate in order to be happy and active. Food is not an exception, and your fish will appreciate if you change the menu every so often, just to keep things interesting. Siamese fighting fish love live food, particular worms and brine shrimp that you can buy at your local fish store or in some cases even breed yourself. However, be careful because they will absolutely eat all of it, and they can end up having issues due to overfeeding.

But They Hate Plain Stuff

Forget about just buying plain tropical fish flakes or pellets and hoping your Betta will eat them. Unless your fish is absolutely starving they will just give you the evil eye and ignore your offering of boring fish food. Even if you get your fish to eat that sort of food, it will lack on the necessary protein for good coloring and your fish will look lackluster and sluggish. Don't do that to your beloved pets, and treat them to specific Siamese fighting fish pellets, frozen and dried live food. They will appreciate it, and they will look all the brighter and happier with a good diet.

Betta fish are one of the most popular fish for beginners because of their bright colors and active personality, perfect for a beginner's fish tank. You can keep them on their own, or in a large enough aquarium they can live with other community tank species as long as they can keep their own territory.

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