Betta care for beginners

July 15, 2018
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Thinking about dipping a toe into the exciting world of aquariums? Fish can be wonderful companions, but some fish are higher maintenance than others. If you are looking for beginner-friendly fish, here are our recommendations:


There’s a reason goldfish are a favorite pet for kids, they are hardy fish with needs that are easily met. Though your first instinct may be to pick up a goldfish bowl for your new friend, goldfish are actually happier in a larger aquarium with an air pump or filter to help them get more oxygen. But there’s no need to invest in a fancy heater, Goldfish are happiest in water that is room temperature or colder.

Goldfish are also a great choice if you are looking to buy multiple fish at once, they enjoy the company and the price won’t break the bank. Just remember that you should allot one gallon of swimming space per inch of fish. Goldfish can eat flakes, pellets and freeze-dried fish foods, just make sure the formulation is appropriate for them.

Betta Fish

Funny enough, Bettas are actually perfect for goldfish bowls. Bettas (also known as Siamese Fighting Fish) breathe through their mouths instead, which is why they are able to live in smaller containers than would be acceptable for most other kinds of fish (just make sure they have a lot of surface area to breathe from). Bettas move a little slower than other species of fish, but their movement is quite beautiful, so look for habitats that show them off – we offer some that are specifically for bettas.

Look for fish foods specific for bettas, but they also appreciate treats like freeze-dried bloodworms.

Word of warning: With bettas one is enough. If two males are placed in the same container, they will fight. Should you wish to grow your fish collection and upgrade to a bigger tank, bettas can live with other compatible fish.


Looking to start with a whole school of fish? Danios are easy to keep and like to live in groups of six fish or more, which makes them perfect if you want to start off with a larger tank. Danios prefer room temperature water, so no need to invest in a heater. You will need a filter, gravel, and some plants in decorations to keep your new pets stimulated.

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