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December 10, 2017
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Question: I bought my Betta fish yesterday and as geeky as it may sound.. I really like owning him. My main question is how long do Betta fish live for when they are very healthy inside of a clean tank. I take pride in making sure my fish are fed nicely and do daily water changes. I have been wondering how long the fighter fish live for because they are actually pretty small and smaller animals usually don’t live that long. Anyone know?

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A Betta lifespan is commonly 2-3 years but can also be 10 years if everything goes right. There are lots of breeders that tell stories of owning certain Bettas for 8 plus years. Im a big believer in their nutrition and food being the leading factor to their health.

When you buy these fish at the pet store, your advised to give them “Betta pellets” and that’s it. First of all, they hate these stupid pellets and rarely eat them due to my experience. Once I researched their actual feeding tendencies, I started feeding them frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms here. My fish are a lot happier already.

betta-bowl I often wonder if the small environment is reason for these fish not being happy to the fullest. Although I’m a lost on what tank size these fish should have. People preach that beta fish don’t like small tanks but yet if you see the breeder’s setups.. they are using small pickle jars to house these fish. It’s not like they need hundreds of gallons of fish tank.. but they do need enough space to swim around. They will preach how the fish need to be happy but then you are them put huge amounts of these fish in small jars. So what is the right way to go about their tank size? Do they like small containers and jars or do they like them..

I have been owning days fish for on and off for 10 years now and I can honestly say that I have never owned one that has lived for longer than three years. I’m not sure what differences and what I’m doing but I have gone through a lot of these fish and I just cannot get want to live longer than that and it kind of makes me sad. By then the perfect food and give them actually live food for their hunting with their instinct and I still cannot get them to live that long. I’m becoming somewhat of a believer in water parameters how healthy they aren’t certain types of waters.

I had actually thought of that and decided to start buying them from different places and I did directly contact one of the best breeders within my area and I paid around $20 just for one fish and he still didn’t make it. He lived for around a year and a half but that’s still is not passed the average of what I’m trying to get out here and it’s kind of bugging me and I’m taking it personal now. I have literally looked into all aspects of these fish and I consider myself to be a guru on them and I just can’t figure it out. Chances are if you think you can figure my issue that I am probably ahead of you and already thinking about it because I’ve been in contact with other breeders and chatting with them about this issue. I just think that average for the lifespan is pretty accurate actually because these fish is it’s kind of just pure luck if they live for longer than this.

I think the best set up for a male beta fish is a 5 gallon set up or a maximum of just the 10 gallon setup. Even though people will tell you that bigger is better I think that beta fish get anxiety over that much space and the more simple their life is the better for them. Every single Betta fish I have on that list past two years was in just a small 5 gallon aquarium. And all of the ones that I thought were Lockean I put in 10 gallon aquarium they just couldn’t handle it. I know people will disagree with that but that’s just from my personal experience working with these fish.

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