Can Betta fish live in a Bowl?

February 6, 2018
Bettas In Bowls Or Small Tanks

Can betta fish live in a bowl?One of the main problems with using a bowl to house your betta fish is that it’s very difficult to have filtration in a bowl. It’s also difficult to heat a bowl, so you are reliant on using the room temperature to keep your fish healthy. Betta fish need to be kept in a constant temperature of between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit so relying on room temperature can be very risky.

You can see that from a filtration and heating point of view a bowl isn’t ideal housing for your betta. You also need to remember that your fish will enjoy having the maximum amount of space possible to swim around.

Where should a betta fish be kept?

Betta fish should be kept in a tank that holds at least 2.5 gallons. The bigger the tank the easier it is to maintain and keep conditions such as temperature and water parameters consistent.

It’s also easier to maintain the right filter flow in a larger tank. Betta fish don’t like a high amount of flow in the water and this can be a problem in smaller tanks.

It’s important to remember that you will need to have a lid on any tank that contains bettas, as they can and will jump from the tank. Your betta also needs to have plenty of artificial plant cover in the tank, as well as a cave if possible. Bettas like to have a place to hide away and keep to themselves.

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