Can two male bettas live together?

November 4, 2015
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Rabbits thrive with at least one companion. Male and female rabbits tend to socialize and get along better than same-sex pairings for a number of reasons.

According to Bunny Hugga, it is natural for male and female rabbits to live together. In nature, most pairings are between males and females.

Hormones play a large role in housing rabbits together and tend to raise the tension in housing situations. While it is not impossible to pair two male rabbits together, the desire for dominance can lead to hostility and fighting. In severe cases, rabbits can seriously injure or kill one another during fights. Female rabbits are less likely to display the same territorial dominance as males. However, female rabbits can become aggressive when housed in a same-sex pairing.

Age also plays a role in housing compatible rabbits. Older rabbits prefer companions of a similar age. Older rabbits are not always fond of younger rabbits. Younger rabbits tend to prefer the company of other younger rabbits, as well.

Before placing two rabbits together, it is advisable to slowly introduce them to one another in neutral territory, keeping interaction limited until they feel comfortable.

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