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November 18, 2018
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Betta Fish Toy Hammock

1. Aquarium plants

Ok, they may not seem like toys to us (we will get to those ones later), but to a betta, aquarium plants can be like a jungle gym!

Plants in your betta fish tank are a really good idea. They can provide hiding spaces, as well as help to produce oxygen you use live plants.

If you choose to use fake plants, be sure they don’t have sharp edges that could cut your betta’s soft flowing fins. Silk plants make a nice choice.

2. Betta fish leaf hammock

Well, we mentioned plants were a good toy, now how about a leaf that acts as a hammock for a betta!

In the wild betta fish live in shallow waters, so they often have a place near to the top of the water’s surface to rest. The Betta Bed Leaf Hammock compromises of a large leaf and suction pad which can be stuck to the side of the aquarium, just a few inches from the top of the surface.

Floating Betta Fish ToyIt is designed to support your betta as he chills out on his new hammock – oh he will think he’s sooo cool!

3. A Small Mirror

By now you know that betta fish are also known as ‘fighting fish’, this comes from how territorial they are. Well, a small mirror can create the illusion that another male fish has entered you betta’s territory, he will puff up his fish and show you why they are called fighting fish! All without any injuries / victims.

However, this should be used sparingly! Only used for a few moments, this will engage your fish in a completely natural state, he will flare his fins and want to protect his territory. But periods of use over a few minutes could stress out your fish!

Use this technique to help reduce boredom, exercise your fish and to let him flare like he should from time to time. A small makeup mirror could do the trick or you may want to purchase a floating betta fish mirror.

4. A Floating Log

Zoo Med have created a Floating Betta Log. As mentioned previously with the leaf hammock, betta’s love to spend time at the water’s surface. They also love to find hidey holes and interact with their environment.

This toy has taken all these natural instincts into account to produce an ornament that will cure boredom. It is the perfect den for your betta to play, sleep or build a bubble nest in. It also has a large hole to the top for feeding within the log – a great addition to your tank.

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