Creative Betta fish tank

March 23, 2020
Forget That Fishy Screensaver!

Fishbowls can be so much more than the standard sphere of glass sitting on a shelf in your home. The tried-and-true bowl design has evolved in form and function in recent years so your favorite fishy friend can swim around in style. Remember, though, when picking out the right home, make sure you research what amenities your fish needs to stay happy and healthy. Here are nine unusual fishbowl designs you can buy right now.


If you’re looking for a way to keep cats from sticking their paws in your fishbowl, try hanging one on the wall. These bubble pods are perfect for fish, aquatic plants, or moss balls. The tank can be easily taken off the wall for cleaning and then re-mounted.

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2. RETRO HOME; $15

If you ever wanted to anthropomorphize your fish, consider getting them human-like living quarters. This colorful retro townhouse is perfect for housing your trendy tetras and guppies. For an even wackier interior, check out this retro room complete with lava lamp or this golf course. Each design comes with a toy fish to putter around the tank if you decide to go the low-maintenance route. If you do decide to put in a fish in here, make sure to wash the tank thoroughly and condition the water before adding your aquatic friend.

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This contemporary fish condo by Umbra is the perfect pad for new-agey aquatic pets. The glass square bowl has a removable plastic sleeve that resembles an apartment with asymmetrical windows. You can even buy multiple condos and stack them to build fish apartment complexes.


Let your Betta fish explore a tunnel and semiaquatic environment with this unique aquarium. It comes with a tunnel that has a flat bubble in the center, allowing for pictures or photos to be attached. Pressure keeps the water running through the tunnel, and the kit also comes with a planting tray for growing lush plants and flowers next to the tank.


This bubble-shaped fishbowl has a concave bottom that looks like mountainous terrain. It only holds about a gallon and a half of water, so it might be more ideal for moss balls or other aquatic plant-life than for fish.

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6. BUBBLE TANK; £295

This inventive fishbowl looks like it’s melting off the side of the table. Each bowl is hand-blown and unique in shape. Unfortunately, they're all sold out at the moment, but we hope they make a comeback soon.

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Keep three Bettas and three waterfalls in your home with this special aquarium. The three separate tanks are at an incline so the water spills from one tank to the next. The walls in between each tank are frosted, so the fish won’t see each other and get worked up.


If you've ever asked yourself “What has my fish tank done for me lately?” then this is the model for you. The bottom half features a 3 gallon tank that houses a fish, and on top, there’s a growing tray for your plants. The fish feeds the plants and the plants clean the water, creating a small ecosystem that fits right on your table. Fish waste is sucked up through the filters and brought up to the plants to fertilize them. All you have to do is feed the fish and, in return, you get fresh herbs and lettuces.


Instead of impressing your guests with various coffee table books, blow them away with the coffee table itself. This ornate piece of furniture is made of hollow glass that can hold up to 25 gallons of water. There is a two-stage filter in the acrylic base and a beveled glass top for keeping small belongings on. The bottom gives off a cool blue glow to help show off your fishy friends.

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