Baby male Betta fish

February 9, 2017
Crowntail Betta Fish Female Iv
Here are the fry and their parents. Mom is on the bottom and Dad on top. They are 3 days old here. They spend most of the time hanging off this rock. Dad is up on top keeping away the other predator fish in the tank.
The convicts are just amazing parents. There are 10 other rather big fish in this tank and as far as we can tell none of the fry have been eaten. We guess that we have about 150-200 fry, not bad for first spawning.
We have since put a divider in the tank, not to protect the fry but protect the other fish in the tank from the convicts.
Seattle, Washington
Reply. Hello Robin. Thank you for sending us these wonder pictures and giving us your permission to use them here.
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1. Breeding Pink Convicts
Another good fish to breed is the Pink Convict. Like mollies they are very easy to breed and the babies are hardy and easy to raise. But Pink Convicts are an aggressive fish, and the details of their breeding are quite different from livebearers such as the Mollies discussed above.
This is a Female Pink Convict that lived in our facilities for many years. Female Convicts have red on their bellies. This female has much more red than most Convicts. Male Pink Convicts are usually pink with no red markings.

A male and female Pink Convict form a lasting pair and work together to chase the other fish out of their territory. They'll dig in the gravel to form a pit, or sometimes they'll dig a cave out from under a rock. In the pit or in the cave on the side of a rock they'll lay their eggs, and then carefully protect their eggs from other fish. After three or four days the eggs hatch into tiny fish fry.
Male and Female Convict Cichlids with their young baby fish fry. The best way to get a pair of Pink Convicts is to get six or eight Pink Convicts about 1" to 1.5" long. Put them in an aquarium with at least 20-gallons of water and raise them up. Usually by the time they have grown to 2", one of the males and one of the females will pair off, work together to establish a territory, chase other fish out of that territory, lay eggs, and raise their babies.

David sent us this picture of one of his pairs of Convicts living in his 44 gallon tank. Looks like a male on the left with a bump on his head. This picture shows hundreds of eggs that were laid on both the big rock on the left and the smaller red rock on the right at the tip of the white arrow.
Convict Cichlid female with her young fry. Convict Cichlid pair with their babies. Brine Shrimp Direct - Products to Make Your Tank Thrive. Click on this display ad to learn more about these products. Brine Shrimp Eggs - from Aquarium Guys. Click on this ad to buy now.
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