Full grown female Betta fish

April 12, 2017
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Image titled Tell How Old a Betta Fish Is Step 1Check your betta's size. Normal adult bettas are usually around 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length. If your betta is less than the average, your betta is most likely a juvenile.

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Determining age by features
  1. Check your betta's fins. Adult bettas have nice and beautiful flowing fins. If your betta has this characteristic, this is a good sign that it is an adult. If it has tiny fins, then it is either a juvenile or a baby. Old betta's fins have wear and tear and may have tiny tears.
    • Make sure you know whether your betta is a male or female.Image titled Tell How Old a Betta Fish Is Step 2 The cup it came in at the pet store should say.
  2. Check the betta's eyes. If they're black and hard to see, that is a sign of an adult betta.

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Identifying the aging betta
  1. Check the color of the betta. Young bettas are vibrant, mid-age bettas are slightly faded, while old bettas should look "reduced" in every aspect.Image titled Tell How Old a Betta Fish Is Step 3 The color of the scales of an older betta will be faded.
  2. Note some typical signs of an aging betta:
    • An old betta's backs is usually humped.
    • Your betta will flare with much less gusto than it used to. After so many years, many bettas have lost the enthusiasm to flare.
    • Check the eyes. Old bettas have "cataracts", a filmy spot covering the eye. This is normal for old bettas, and will happen no matter how big the tank or how clean the water.
    • While a healthy adult betta will swim around vigorously in it's tank, old bettas will hide behind plants and décor and swim sluggishly.
    • When feeding your betta, watch it to see how quickly it spots its food. Old bettas may swim slowly to their food and miss it a couple of times before spotting it. You might notice that with every feeding, your betta seems to be getting paler, and skinnier. These are all signs of an aging betta.

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  • If taken care of properly, bettas can live up to 5 years.
  • Make sure you know what gender your betta is––female bettas do not ever get long, flowing fins.
  • Do more frequent water changes as your betta ages.
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