Baby male Betta

February 22, 2017
Baby Male Betta by kelpish

From: Frank
Mollies are really easy breeders. The molly will produce a lot of babies if you minimize the time the light is on to about 13 hours a day max.

From: Deke
I read you should put some aquarium salt in the tank to help mollies flurish. Can you use table salt?
I would just say NO to the table salt. Most versions of table salt are iodized and they also contain chemicals that prevent the salt from lumping when exposed to minor amounts of moisture. Go the safe route and only use salt labeled for use with aquariums.

From: Susan
Baby mollies are fun to raise, we have just started. We only got two babies out of the first batch. Kids really love to watch them grow. Females like the krill the best I have seen.

From: Harold
I've been raising mollies and platys for a few years. They are really easy to bread. Just Keep the water clean (change 20 to 25% every week or two). Get a net breading area for the fry. Give the fry finely ground floating food. Don't leave the adult mother in the breading area long after birth or yes, she will start eating the young. If you don't want a large population of fry just leave them in the tank and provide hiding areas for the fry. Cambodia grass works very well and depending on your adult population, about 10 to 20% of the fry will flourish. Good Luck and enjoy.

From: Ailsa
I have been keeping mollies on and off for years and have never known fry to be eaten by other mollies! We have just raised a batch of 70 or so fry in a tank with their mother and 4 other adult mollies - perhaps we have been lucky, but I also feel that feeding all the fish small amounts at regular intervals goes a long way to avoiding the adults taking the fry. These great little fish are so easy and such a joy - they make amateur geneticists out of all of us with their willingness to breed!

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