Male Betta bubble nest

December 24, 2017
Dragonscale Crowntail Male

A:It is not always easy to determine with a 100% accuracy whether bettas have spawned and are done. Because we cannot watch them 24/7, spawning oftentimes occurs while we are away. We human have to pay bills (well darn it), so we go to work, or to school. We humans also have to catch some zzzzs now and so often, so we go to bed. Meanwhile, bettas have only one thing to do: spawn. If you have been leaving your tank lights on, they might be in the process of spawning all day and all night for several days. Let me rephrase this: "in the process of spawning" here encompasses ALL spawning related activities (not just the actual laying of eggs), including (but not limited to LOL): Blowing bubbles, arranging them into a nest, changing our minds about nest location, moving nest under a plant, rearranging bubbles, blowing more bubbles, eyeing out the female, swimming to the female and hunting her down to abuse her some (just so she'll know who the boss is), displaying for her, flaring, nipping, biting, going back to the nest, changing our minds about its location again and moving it back to the cup, getting distracted by the damsel once again and letting the nest fall apart, rest for a moment, eat a few frozen brine shrimp, get back to work, build a new nest even nicer than the first one, etc...

Meanwhile the damsel is quite busy herself: Hide in this plant, dodge an open jaw coming at her, zoom to this corner, dodge another bite, run to this plant and hide, not move at all, (ah if only I could stop breathing maybe he wouldn't notice me here) hide, hide and hide some more, get daring and pop out for a second to eye out the nest (no, its' not quite to my liking yet, needs a few more bubbles here), dodge another bite and (outch! got me this time) lose a scale or two (darn it! those were my designer scales, too!) and zoom to the other corner of the tank... etc.

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