Dual Betta fish Tanks

November 9, 2019

1. Make sure you have a tool such as a cup or container to remove water from the fish tank.
2. Scoop out the water from the fish tank by using your tool and place the water into a separate container. Do this until the tank is half way filled (50%) with water and be careful to not hurt the betta fish. Do not take out all of the water because if the whole water is changed, the betta may be in shock in its new water.
3. Now that 50% of the water is taken out, grab a fish net and capture your betta fish so that you may place it in a separate plastic cup or container. Be careful because betta fishes are known jumpers, so you might have to use a large enough container or cup to prevent this from happening.
4. Remove the decorations from the inside of the tank and drain out the rest of the water that is in the fish tank into the sink. You may use a strainer if you have gravel in order to prevent it from clogging the sink.
5. Clean the gravel by using cold water. Make sure you move the gravel around in order to spread the dirt, poop, or food around so that it can be washed out.
6. Rinse the fish tank with warm water and use a gentle scrubber to scrub the glass and decorations. After the decorations are washed, dry them with a paper towel and place them to the side.
7. Pour new water into the fish tank and mix it with the 50% old water while the new water is pouring into the fish tank. Afterwards, place the decorations back into the fish tank.
8. Wait for about ten minutes for the water to settle down and keep a lookout for your betta.
9. Gently place the cup or container in which you kept your betta fish into and tilt it so that the betta fish will slowly come out by itself. Do not force the betta fish into the tank because this can cause damage to its fins.

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