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September 4, 2019
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The My Fun Fish Tank is a self-cleaning fish tank that promises to be a perfect, addition to any room; simply add fresh water whenever the tank needs cleaning, and the dirty water is forced out through the attached spout.

At its most basic, My Fun Fish Tank is a clear, round plastic tank that looks about the size of a water pitcher (listed size is 4.5” x 4.5” x 10”), which holds about half a gallon of water. Attached to the tank is a small tube with spout that runs from the bottom and pokes out near the top.

To use My Fun Fish, first fill with water and fish (neither of which are included), cover the bottom with the included river stones, and adorn with the (optional) decorative kit. Once complete, the manufacturer claims you’ll have created “an incredible water world” that will “captivate your family’s imagination”.

When the tank gets dirty, instead of dumping and cleaning, My Fun Fish is claimed to use “gravity clean technology” to keep it free from cloudy debris. And when you pour in the new water, this “technology” will force the old water through the tube and out the spout, which is claimed to keep water fresh and oxygenated, and (presumably) your fish happy.

But is My Fun Fish really as imaginative as the manufacturer claims? Is it easy to keep clean? Consider the following:

What is My Fun Fish’s Gravity Technology?

While it certainly looks cool when it’s occurring, the My Fun Fish tank is simply using fluid displacement to flush dirt and debris that’s settled on the bottom through the attached tube, but only once new water is added. In other words, there can only be so much water in the tank at any given time, and once this level is exceeded, the excess water is automatically pushed out.

Will My Fun Fish Work as Claimed?

However, this also means that any debris inside the tank needs to be heavier than the water surrounding it. Otherwise, it won’t sink to the bottom or be flushed out.

As such, you’ll still almost certainly be required to clean your my Fun Fish tank in order to remove floating debris (something a traditional pump and filter would achieve) and to clean the buildup of algae.

What Are Consumers Saying about My Fun Fish?

Since writing our original My Fun Fish review, 22 HighYa readers have provided feedback on their experiences and rated the tank an average of 2.5 stars. While some customers claimed to have had positive experiences, the most common complaints seem to revolve around failure to work as advertised (doesn’t clean debris adequately, etc.), and poor quality (cracked plastic, fish die soon after placing in the tank, plants can cut fish’s fins, etc.).


From a company perspective, My Fun Fish is brought to you by Product Trends, a division of Hampton Direct, Inc., a direct marketing company based in Williston, Vermont. Product Trends held a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau despite 120 closed complaints (as of 7/6/15), most of which appeared to revolve around higher order totals than expected, frequent sales calls/spam email, and difficult customer service experiences.

Granted, this doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same with My Fun Fish, although it might be something worth keeping in mind.

My Fun Fish Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

My Fun Fish sells for $14.99 plus $6.95 shipping, bringing your total to $21.94. You’ll also have the option to order the decorative kit at checkout for another $6.95, plus an additional $1 web processing fee, making the total $29.89.

You’ll have 30 days to try My Fun Fish and if it doesn’t turn your room “into an under-water world of discovery” (or for any other reason), you can return it for the initial $14.99, although the company will keep any handling fees and you’ll have to pay to ship it back.

Each My Fun Fish Order Includes:

  • My Fun Fish tank
  • White LED light
  • Riverbed stones
  • Decorative kit with plant, 6 glow-in-the-dark stones and 2 colored LEDs (extra shipping fees)
Source: www.highya.com
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