Chinese Fighter fish care

November 6, 2018
Siamese fighting fish
General Information: Siamese Fighters originate from South East Asia and are beautiful fish to keep with their colourful long flowing fins. They make excellent parents, but they can be deadly to other male Bettas and other colourful fish with long finnage that they may think of as rival males. They can be kept in a community tank although care should be taken when choosing tank mates - avoid fin nippers.
Tank Requirements: While the minimum recommended for a single male is 45 litres, do not put a solo male in too big a tank, no more than 30 x 12 inches max as in too large a space they can become withdrawn and depressed. Minimal flow, heavy planting, floating plants and dim-lighting make an ideal environment.
Diet Requirements: Omnivorous with a fondness for small live and frozen/freeze-dried foods. Small pellet foods should remain staples for nutrient balance. AVpoid flake and floating foods as they can cause digestive issues.
Compatibility: Keep with middle and bottom dwelling fish that are not boisterous swimmers. Keep away from fin nippers such as Tiger Barbs.
Recommendations: These fish are frequently sold and kept in small unheated and unfiltered containers, but this is a far from ideal environment for them they are best kept in a heated tank preferably on their own.
Common Problems: Finrot, popeye, muscular wasting, gill damage and labyrinth organ dependancy, subordinate stress, all from small aquaria and stress. Constipation from lack of heat and fibre. Aggression related injury.
Similar Species: Many Betta species in the anabantid group that display similar colour, aggression, and mating habits, though few with the enhanced linebred finnage. None should be mixed, aggression issues.
Sexing: Males have beautiful long flowing finnage whereas females tend to be more drab. High colour females and shortfin males available may lend to sexing confusion. Look for genital papillae to be sure.
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