Why Do Bettas Blow Bubbles?

April 14, 2020
My Male Betta Will Not Blow A

If your Betta comes in a small container, look for a cluster of bubbles around the rim. You may even find one in the corner of your home aquarium. This bubble nest is used for mating and storing eggs.

The Male Guardian

The male is responsible for protecting the eggs. First, he builds a nest by blowing small bubbles on surface. In the wild, this often happens under floating debris. He will then mate with a female underneath the cluster and collect the eggs as soon as they’re released. At this point, the female’s job is done. It’s the male who will closely guard the nest, making sure to retrieve any eggs that drop from the cluster. The nest also serves as a shelter after the eggs hatch. Young fry will remain close until they are large enough to venture out.

What to Do With a Bubble Nest in Your Tank

Nesting can be a sign that your Betta is healthy, but don’t stress if you never find a cluster. Some species blow bubbles more often than others. You might see it daily or only once a year. The type of setup you run is also a factor. If there’s a lot of circulation or surface movement, you probably won’t see any nests.

In general, proper maintenance will limit your Betta's ability to nest. You should never stop performing water changes or running your filter. If you do want to take a stab at breeding, consider a separate tank or a few surface plants. You can even scoop out the nest out with a spoon or small cup and replace it once you’ve finished a water change.

Source: keepontankin.com
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