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December 22, 2018
Betta Fish

Topic:I just bought an aquarium and will stock it with guppy fish. What water do I use for them? I’m a bit confused because they sell bottled water for betta fish but not for other fish.. isn’t a betta just a freshwater fish like the guppy fish? Do I need to use bottled water or how do I setup the water needed for the aquarium that will house guppies? Need some help here.

*Awarded Answer
The whole “bottled water” thing for fish is a gimmick to make money. I can see how it could be confusing too because it is there on the shelf at the fish store… Follow these directions carefully and your fish will be completely fine. This is a long term thing too so this method will work for you forever.

Your pet store (or walmart) sells what is called “water conditioner” and you need to add this product to the water that comes out of the faucet in your household. What this conditioner does is make the water safe for the fish. Water that comes directly out of you home faucet has chemicals in it like chlorine and etc. The water conditioner INSTANTLY makes the water safe for fish when added.

Water Conditioner comes in a small bottle and read the back of the bottle for directions. It will tell you to add so many drops per every gallon of water. I usually use a 3 gallon bucket to add water to my aquarius and I just add drops to the bucket of new water and then dump the bucket into my aquariums. It is as simple as that. This is the method that all aquarists use when adding water to their aquariums. If you live at a location where your home is getting direct water from the ground well, then you won’t need water conditioner. You will have to make that decision on your own.

I was just going to tell her that she could also use the bucket method where you let it sit but I guess that was a ready one through. I usually do is have my husband fill a big bucket of water and set it in the garage for at least a couple of days and that way I know it’s perfectly fine. It is fine to use water conditioner but I have found that the different types just do not do well with certain aquariums and I just like to go the natural process.

You call at the natural process but the most natural thing you could do is just use regular lake water that’s pumped up through the ground throughout well. It would be considered the most natural way but water conditioners the way I use because I live inside of an apartment in the middle of a city. Going to college right now and live in a home that cat city water but where used to live with my parents it was local out of the country and I did not need water conditioner.

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