Automatic fish Feeder for Betta

November 18, 2020
Surface mount Eheim Automatic

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This is my first time having fish in a while. We are headed out of town. The 2 betta are in separate fish bowl. What's the best way to feed the bettas for 3 days while we are away?

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Three days would be fine, two weeks would NOT. I know someone who went away for two weeks and left their betta without food, and it died. You are taking a big risk to leave fish behind without food for two whole weeks, plus it's cruel. If you ever do plan to go away longer than a week, just ask someone to stop by every couple of days to feed it. I have those weekly pill containers that have a section for each day of the week, and I fill it with the proper amount of food for each visit. The person caring for my fish just has to empty out that daily portion.

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Isn't there anyone that could take the fish in for a couple days? After all, they are only bettas. They can live in a drinking glass for crying out loud, lol.

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Originally Posted by Opsimathia Guide to betta care while on vacation. | Betta Headquarters

I think that is a good guide. Some people like to give the betta a day of fasting to avoid issues that can come with overeating.

I really liked the tip about covering the bowl BUT remember you have to use a net so you don't suffocate your fish. A clean stocking foot stretched over the top will be just fine. Or get some plastic screen from the petstore and rubberband it on the bowl. My betta is a jumper when he is hungry. They will be fine for your three day vacation. I so suggest to clean out the bowl through just so they are less stressed.

You may want to look into plants that bettas like. They snack on them too.:

That is good advice, although just to clarify for people new to bettas reading this thread, bettas are carnivorous, and are labrynth fish. Their mouths are designed for gulping air from the surface, and catching floating insects. A lot of people mistakenly assume bettas can eat plants, but most will do so only because they are curious or starving. Your link above doesn't actually state that bettas will eat plants.

Bettas are carnivores (insectivores) by nature; in the wild, they eat a variety of insects, and occasionally the eggs and fry of other aquatic species. While they might will intermittently nibble at plant matter if hungry enough, they can not obtain adequate nutrition from plants. Any betta actively consuming the roots of a plant is likely doing so as a last resort while attempting to stave off starvation. They absolutely must be fed an appropriate carnivore diet.

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Yeah, my bettas lay around on the water sprite like it's furniture. LOL

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Originally Posted by Singlelady10 If you are only going away fro 3 days, you do not need to feed them at all.

Fish can go on without food for longer than a week no problem at all.

If you are going away for 2 weeks, then I would have suggested an automatic feeder from EHEIM brand.

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