Filtered water for Betta fish

May 9, 2019
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Without a doubt having a is very important for the health of the fish and purity of water. The filters come in different shapes, sizes and power use. With the continuous use of the filters, you might end up noticing some noise coming from the filter at some point. Not all the noise in the will be from the filter, but if it is, you have to take measures to deal with the noise source. The common causes of the filter to start making noise would be because of dirt, out of place, or damaged parts of the filter.

How to Quiet a Fish Tank Filter?

Here is how to deal with the noise.

  1. Time to wash the filter. With dirt always in the way of a working filter, you are bound to have some noise coming from it. Unplug the filter before taking it out of the fish tank. Take out all the filtration media inserts of the fish tank to clean them easily. Rinse them in clean water until they are back to their original color before putting them back to the filter. If the filter was full of algae, you should have removed it before putting back the other media inserts.
  2. The next place to check would be the intake nozzle. Unplug the unit and remove the part which extends into the water. This part is the intake nozzle and can sometimes get clogged with algae and other types of debris. Rinse the nozzle carefully in the sink, making sure you do not lose any parts. You can use a pipe cleaner to clean the inside of the tubing if it seems hard to reach. You could still use an old toothbrush to do the cleaning if you do not have the pipe cleaner.
  3. For a filter making a rattling noise, it might need more care than what you think. It is time to fully disassemble the whole filter to find the source of a rattling noise. Sometimes it could be that a component is loose or broken. For a loose part, make sure that you screw it back into position before closing up the filter. When the problem is a broken component, the filter will keep on making the noise. If it cannot be easily replaced, it might need an expensive solution which is buying a new filter for replacement. When you have to buy a new filter, make sure you get a durable one to prevent cases of parts breaking too easily.

The other solution on how to quiet a fish tank filter would be the inspection of whether the water level has gone down below the bottom of the bubble wand or any other filter attachment. Having the water level below certain points of the filter will always lead to some noises. If the water level is too low, you will start hearing splashing noises at such points. For the underwater filters, ensure that they are fully submerged as sliding up the wall of the tank might lead to low water levels in the filter and more noise too.

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