Betta fish not eating food

August 8, 2020
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FREE Betta Fish Care Mini CourseKnowledge about feeding betta fish will help in preventing diseases and keeping the betta healthy. Betta found in the rice fields of Cambodia and Thailand, feed on the mosquito larvae. Live blood worms, brine shrimps, frozen live food, fish pellets and flakes form the main ingredient of betta fish feeding. Betta fish love live blood worms and brine shrimps. There are certain difficulties with live food. It takes effort to buy them daily. That is the reason people buy them in good quantities and freeze them. Frozen food can then be used to feed betta fish daily. Frozen food is also safer and relatively free from parasites. Live food tend to contain a lot of harmful bacteria which can infect the bettas. Always clean live food in clear running water to get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Freeze dried blood worms and brine shrimps can be found in most pet shops. These come in conveniently sized packs and there is no problem of storing the same. Feeding betta fish with the freeze dried food is easy and betta fish love it too. Like the dried worms and shrimps, fish pellets and flakes are also available in most pet shops. The protein intake necessary for the betta is taken care of while preparing these pellets and flakes. Betta fish do not like these as much as they like the live food. Instead of feeding the bettas with the same type of food everyday, food can be rotated. That would result in a balanced protein rich diet.

Is your Betta Fish Not Eating?
Often people worry and complain, ‘my betta fish wont eat’. An important fact to remember is that these fish can survive without food for many days. When the betta is not eating, it may be for good too; it may be suffering from some sickness for which it is going through a cycle of self-healing. Even when the betta is eating well, it is advisable to avoid feeding it one day every month.

How Often do you Need to Feed your Betta?
It would be more than sufficient to feed the betta once a day. Frequency of feeding depends on the type of tank. If it is a glass bowl or small tank, it would be sufficient to feed the betta once a day. On the other hand, if you have big tank, feeding twice a day would be alright. Remember the uneaten food, can contaminate the tank water and be the cause for betta fish diseases. Before spawning, the adults can be fed many times a day. Bettas tend to eat everything that you give. If you overfeed him, he is bound to produce lot of waste which will dirty the water. If the tank is small, the uneaten food and waste can quickly poison the water in the tank.

Betta tends to feed on the surface of the water. When feeding bettas, observe keenly, if the betta is reaching for the food or lets the food drop to the bottom of the tank. If the betta is not reaching for the food, it is a sign that he is not interested in the food and it is advisable to stop dropping food. Feeding betta fish forms an important part of betta fish care. When done properly, the fish can live their full span of life.

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