Can Betta fish see in the dark?

July 12, 2022
My 20 gal guppy tank

This is my fish tank I turn my light on afternoon, feed them and turn it off before I go to bed!!Can fish see in the dark? I get up really early in the morning so i turn their lights on (i have 2 tanks) to feed & then turn them off again before i leave for work. Does this confuse them? Also, if i feed them in the dark will they sense it & eat? I have guppies

If I were you I would get a timer for the tank and set it for 8 hours a day.

I had been turning my tank light on when I left for work and off sometime in the evening. I noticed that all of my fish are more active with the light on a timer.

It would be best to get a timer to imitate day and night. This is why feeding nocturnal fish at night allows them to eat since the other fish will be less active. If you can't afford a timer turn the lights on at night when you go to bed and off when you get up.

Turn them on at night..? so your goal is to confuse the fish? Ideally they should be kept on the same schedule as the day. And they tend to not like when it's dark outside their tank. it also confuses them. My thought is ro keep what you're doing or minus turning on the fish light in the morning. What i do when i leave for school is just leave my room light on and not theirs. My cichlids seem to be just fine with that. Then when i return home i turn their fish light on for a bit. But too much light isn't good for them. Specially long hours at night.

*sorry fixed a few misspellings

Like I said you should try to imitate the day and night which I do thanks to my timer. I never heard of fish not liking darkness around their lit up tank. Are you saying that stresses them out? I have a curious mind lol. Also Melissa how long do you turn the lights on in the morning? Is it just for a few minutes or longer? And what about live plants? They need around 8 hours of light fur growth.

I turn it on for about 10 minutes for them to eat, and the sun will rise about half an hour later . I do turn on their lights when it gets dark in the evening and then turn them off when i go to bed. So they do get enough light, and the plants too. I am worried that the lights on & then off again routine in the morning for feeding may stress them out. Because they cant eat in the dark, right?

Actually they can eat I the dark, mine are used to the sound of the hood opening.

I turn my lights on in the morning to feed them, and they don't seem stressed at all. If I turn the lights of while feeding, my fish don't seem to go fur the food. Therefore I have to turn lights on.

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