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December 26, 2020
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Do you wish to know every pet store’s Betta fish secret? Now is the right time to unravel all those secrets. You have the power to unmask the fast and easy ways in keeping your fish in good condition.

The power to care for and keep you Betta fish seven if you never owned a fish in your life could be achieved by having your own personal copy of Mike Worthington’s : The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Keep and Breed Betta Fish Successfully.

Betta fish are one of the very sickly breed of fish. This is a common knowledge to all betta fish lovers out there. This e-book discusses methods that could be done in order to solve common Betta fish problems in just a blink of an eye.

You would not want your precious Betta fish to grow unhappy, sad, unhealthy, dirty, and sickly right? Let your precious Betta fish live up to five years in your clean, fresh, and attractive aquariums. Do not put to waste all those long hours that you spent just to clean your aquarium.

This author of this book is a Betta fish lover himself. He therefore knows and feels the degree of love and care you carry for your fish. Worthington knows how much you value the health condition of your Betta fish.

What makes Worthington an authority when it comes to taking care of Betta fish? First of all, he has been keeping and breeding Betta fish for more than 20 years. He keeps himself updated and well-informed with matters on keeping and breeding by reading books and participating on online forums. Everything written in this e-book is based from his personal experience and result of his extensive research.

Why do you need to own copy of Betta Fish Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Keep and Breed Betta Fish Successfully? It is because it gives you clear no-nonsense answers to your questions.

Before you even begin to think of buying your very first betta fish, you should have answers these questions:

1. What Betta fish related information should I be aware of?
2. What should I have before I buy them?
3. How many fish should I, a new breeder, start with?
4. What is the best tank size for my Betta fish?
5. What are the tell-tale signs of the best fish in a store?
6. How do I make my tank a great environment for my fish to live in?
7. What living and non-living thing should I put and not put in my tank?
8. What do I feed to my fish?
9. What should I do if my fish won’t eat or is sick?

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