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July 24, 2022
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The beautiful male Hifin Red-Eye Red Swordtail, shown above, is one species of Livebearer for sale in our online store. Guppies, Mollies, Platies, and Swordtails are all members of a group of fish that are called Livebearers, because the females of these species release live babies, while the females of most other species of fish release eggs that are then fertilized by males of that species.
Livebearers live best in a group with at least 3 males and about twice as many females. For example 3 males and 5 or 6 females can often live together, but one male and one female or a few males will not get along well together in the same aquarium. Platys at, where you can shop online for Platies. When you look at pages in with Livebearers for sale, you will see a symbol like this to indicate that these fish live best in a group. There are many other species of livebearers including Gambusia, which is often called the Mosquito Fish, and Endler's Livebearer, which is a species that is very closely related to Guppies, plus the new species named Picta and Parae. They are all wonderful aquarium fish! Aquarium Guppies at Links to Livebearers for Sale
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Click here to shop online for Mollies. Aquarium Guppies at There are also species of fish, including many Stingrays, that release live babies, but are not usually called Livebearers, though you might hear them called livebearing fish. Dear Tom & Nevin,
Thank you so much for your wonderful websites and show, you're an inspiration and your suggestions and advice have helped me create a thriving, splendid tank.
I have two related questions for you:
First, I plan on having a mix of swordtails and platies. I currently have 3 young pineapple 'mickey' swords, and 3 common platies. I'm aware you recommend having at least 8 of these livebearers in order to promote maximum health. Would a mix of 5 platies and 3 swordtails suffice for this community? They all seem to get along great right now.
Lastly (and most importantly) I plan on adding a school of Cory Catfish. I'm nervous that by doing this I won't be able to add salt to my tank for my Swords and Platies. Would no salt really hurt the livebearers? Or, if I should add salt, will half the recommended amount hurt the Cories?
Jeff G.
Aquarium Mollys at Endler's Livebearers at
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