Tetra Betta fish

August 27, 2021
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Unique 1 gallon Betta tank features angled sides and a clear lid. The sturdy base contains 4 white LED lights and an on/off switch to illuminate the habitat from below. Powered via 4 AA batteries (not included) or use a Micro USB B cable (not included). Convenient feeding hole for easy daily care.

Arrived Horrible 6/6/2016

Reviewer: Bjfinle

I Ordered one and when it came to me in the mail it had already been broken and cracked in half. Cheap Plastic.

Appearence 6/6/2016

Reviewer: Finneous

Looks good on outside but upon arrival middle had huge crack in it and the only part that was in working order was the part where you put in your own batteries. I threw away plastic part and used the led light on another tank I had purchased. They need to make this product more sturdier than just a cheap piece of plastic which cracked in the middle.

Very nice

While I do admire the aesthetics of this fancy cup, it is far too small for a betta to live a comfortable, healthy life. They are a tropical fish and require water temperatures of 76-80°F, and you cannot safely heat a water volume so small. The temperature has the potential to fluctuate far too much. Even if you live in a warm climate that would keep the water at the desired temperature, the tank is just plain too small for a betta. Give your fish some room to swim and you'll find they have very bright personalities and will enjoy every bit of space you provide. A five gallon all to themselves will do the trick, ten gallons is even better. You will also have more room to decorate ;)

Very nice tank aesthetically. LED lights could be brighter. I like that the shape is rectangular for more swimming area. Cover is nice as well. All inall a nice tank for the price.

Source: www.thatpetplace.com
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