Wall Mounted Betta fish bowl

July 20, 2017
Bowls Wall Mounted Betta

Not interested in a full size wall hanging aquarium? A fish bubble wall hanging fish bowl is perfect for you! These bubble fish tanks can be hung virtually anywhere! You can decorate your Fish Bubble, wall mount fish bowl with any aquarium accessories and keep bettas or any other "easy-to-maintain" fish in a cool, happy home on a wall!

They can also can be used for hermit crabs, African Dwarf frogs, planting terrariums and housing of other small creatures that don't require additional heat or filtration. Buy 3 or 4 fish bubbles and you can create wall patterns and great conversation pieces in your home or office. Use suction cups to mount your fish bubble on any mirror or window. The fish bubbles wall mount fish bowl comes in a 3.6 liter (1 gallon) and 6.7 liter size (approximately 2 gallons).
3.6 liter: 11.5 in. diameter (on flat side)

Benefits of Fish Bubble Wall Hanging Fish Bowls:

Wall fish bowls are great for small apartments and rooms where a tabletop fish bowl or Biorb Aquarium won't fit because of limited desk or table space. You can keep a betta fish in your home or office by hanging the fish bubble wall fish bowl.

The Fish Bubble Wall Hanging Fish Bowls add a new twist to the ordinary fish bowl. Children love to watch fish and the fish bubble is a great present for kids because wall fish bowls are easy to maintain.

Source: www.thewallaquarium.com
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