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February 7, 2017

Self Cleaning AquariumUnique Indoor Betta Tank Ideas- Guest Post by Peter Hartono
Putting your captivating Bettas in unique tank designs will certainly make them great conversation pieces. A Betta tank should be large enough and have a lid. They are excellent jumpers, and the lid will keep them in their tanks, not on the floor.
When choosing a tank for your Betta, your prime consideration should be the well-being of your fish. Bettas need adequate room to swim around and don’t really thrive well in small spaces. Here are some unique ideas for indoor Betta tanks:

Recycled AquariumSelf-Cleaning Betta Aquarium
There are many sizes, shapes, and designs of self-cleaning tanks for your Betta. These tanks are quite popular among Betta owners for it saves them time for cleaning and maintaining a dirty aquarium, while preventing unnecessary stress for the fish. Self-cleaning tanks usually have a hydrostatic equilibrium system that allows pouring in fresh water while dirty water is expelled through a tube and out of the Betta’s tank.

Recycled Fish Tanks
Don’t throw away your old coffee maker, wine bottles, mason jars and other glassware. Using your imagination and creativity, you can make awesome aquariums for your Betta using these materials. There are many DIY unique ideas you can find online to help you make a unique and visually appealing haven for your Betta.

Flower Vase Aquarium

Flower Vase
You can combine your love of Bettas with your passion for flowers. Just make sure that your fish has enough space to swim in and water is changed regularly. An oversize flower vase provides a creative tank for your betta fish; just add your own tank décor.

Hanging Fishbowl
Aside from being a unique way of displaying your Betta, putting your fish in a hanging fishbowl is an excellent solution to keeping your pet safe from cats and other curious members of the household.

Hanging Fish Bowl

Aquaponics or Hydroponics
A hydroponic setup takes advantage of the plant’s ability to help clean the tank water, while promoting the Betta’s well-being. The waste materials produced by the fish are also good sources of nutrients for plants. In a way, this setup demonstrates a symbiotic relationship that can exist between your plants and your Betta.

Partitioned Betta Fish Tanks
If you have a large fish tank, you can divide it into several partitions using glass dividers, coroplast, plastic fly screen, or plastic perforated canvas, so you can keep more than one betta in the same tank.

An aquarfarm is a self-cleaning betta fish tank that allows you to grow herbs. There is a symbiotic relationship that exists between the betta and the plants since fish waste is used by plants for growth and nourishment, while the plants help clean the tank’s water. Most aquafarms that are available commercially already come with a set of seeds. Some aquafarm packages also include fish food and water conditioners to get you started right away.

About the Author:

Peter Hartono is the founder and CEO of Just Aquatic – a proud Australian company that provides excellent online aquarium supplies for hobbyists to build their own betta fish tanks, nano tanks, fish ponds, freshwater shrimp tanks and other DIY aquarium tanks.

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