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June 12, 2018
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Betta fish are extremely beautiful creatures and can be a great addition to your family; however, it is important to understand that Betta fish require a specific type of care to thrive and grow. These fish are generally larger than many other home aquarium fish, and they can have extravagant tails or fins. Because of this, they require slightly different care than other fish.

Tip One: Use Heaters

Many people still believe that Betta fish do not require an aquarium heater; however, Betta fish are considered to be tropical fish which means they thrive in warmer temperatures, so it does not generally make sense for these fish to live in an aquarium without a heater. Most of the fish available for purchase can live in climates of sixty degrees or above, but they live best in temperatures of about 75 degrees.

Heaters have become easier to use and handle than in past years, and they now have climate control. It is very easy to use these heaters and keep them at constant temperatures. It is important to read all information contained with the heater and use it properly.

Tips Two and Three: Betta Fish Need Extra Space, Especially Males

There are many different types of aquariums available for purchase, but a Betta fish should not be placed in a tank that will hold less than one gallon of water. Most of these fish thrive in two to five gallon tanks. This is because, in the wild, they live in rice paddies, which include thousands of gallons of water.

One specific type of tank, the divided or split tank, is very popular, but Betta fish are quite flexible and are usually able to move into the other area of the tank, which can cause fighting. Still, if you are extremely set on having one of these tanks, consider having all the same type of Betta fish (male or female) and do not overpopulate the tank. One good rule of thumb is to have one female per one gallon of water. This means there can be three female fish in a three-gallon fish tank.

Another thing to consider is that males should be kept separate from all others. The biggest problem with two males in one tank is that they will fight until one dies. This is troublesome for people who own Betta fish because they have incurred a lot of cost in purchasing and raising them.

Male Betta fish are territorial, but so are females. A male Betta and a female Betta should be kept apart except for the purpose of breeding. They may not fight to the death, but one or both of the Betta fish could be harmed if they are together for long periods of time.

Female Betta fish can be placed together, but it is important to note that more than two females must be in the tank together - two fish will fight, but three may not. The more females you have in one tank, the better chance they will not fight or be aggressive. It has been said that six fish is the optimum amount in one tank, which means a six-gallon tank will generally be needed for happy and healthy fish.

Tip Four: Feeding Betta Fish

It may come as a shock to some, but purchasing food that is labeled for Betta fish is usually not a good choice. In most cases, purchasing pellet fish food will work well, although it is also important to give the fish some frozen bloodworms. They also like brine shrimp and fish guppy eggs. As long as you give them a variety of foods, they will be happy.

Many people are unsure of how much food to give. Always start out small with the feedings. Provide one or two shakes per fish. Once the food has been eaten, add a little more food (one or two worms or shrimp per fish). If they still attack the food, they require more. Continue feeding until the fish only nibble at the food. This means they have had enough food.

After a few months, you will start to learn how much food is needed, and soon you will be able to simply toss in the right amount.

Tip Five and Tip Six: Water and Cycling

Cleaning the water tank is crucial. Many believe that cleaning a tank once a month is sufficient, but this is false. If the aquarium is unfiltered, once per week will usually suffice. Even if the water is filtered, the water itself needs to be fully changed at least once per week.

A filter will be needed as well. Fill the tank with water, and then put in the ammonia. After about a week, the ppm will be back to zero. Bring the ammonia back up to four ppm and then back down to zero at least twice. This will probably take two weeks. By this time, you will need to change the water. When using a filter, a 100 percent water change is not necessary, which can save time. To do a filtered water change, simply vacuum the gravel every two weeks.

Tip Seven, Eight, and Nine: Betta Fish Lifespan, Breathing, and Plakats

It is important to understand that Betta fish can live for five years; however, it is also important to note that if the Betta has its full fins, they are probably already about two years old. It is important to know how old the fish is, so you are able to know how long you can expect to care for them.

Tanks should not be filled to the very top because Betta fish come to the surface to breathe. Leaving an inch of air from the water to the top of the tank will allow them the room they need to breathe. It is also important to have a lid on the aquarium, as Betta fish are jumpers.

One special type of Betta fish is called the Plakat. These are specifically bred to fight. These types of Betta fish are readily identifiable by their notably short fins, but females also have short fins, so it can be easy to misidentify the type. If you are uncertain, speak with an expert to determine whether or not you have the special Plakat breed.

Tip Ten: Accessories

The kinds of accessories you can place in your tank with the Betta fish are almost endless.

Types of Accessories

How to Use Them


Place on the bottom.


Place anywhere to create a pleasing appearance.

Almond Leaves

Placed on the bottom or around the sides of the tank.

Shelters (bamboo or treasure chest)

Bottom of tank anywhere to add fun.

Use the types of accessories that you would enjoy seeing. It is important to use items that will heighten the way the fish look, and you should use a lot of greens or earth tones so the fish's colors will be more dramatic.

Finding Betta Fish and Supplies on eBay

A simple search is the best way to find supplies and actual Betta fish on eBay, especially if you are unsure of the specific type of fish you want. Viewing the different types of fish on eBay is fun, exciting, and can be a great way to find a new fishy friend. They can range from small to large and have big, extravagant tails or hardly any tail at all, so you are sure to find the one you want.

Supplies are also easy to find on eBay. Consider typing in Betta fish supplies or accessories into the search box. You will find special Betta food, special tanks designed specifically for Betta fish, and tank accessories. You can even find filters and all the other items you will need for your new fish friend.


Betta fish are beautiful creatures, and you will enjoy watching them swim around in their aquarium for many years to come. Learning about these beautiful fish and their needs are a great way to ensure your fish will live long and healthy lives in your home.

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