Betta heater for 1 gallon tank

January 16, 2020
1/2 Gallon Betta Tank Warm

Check out the website. They have heaters specifically for small betta tanks.

thanks john Arthur ! ill go have a look but i actually wanna buy it a ta store not on a website any good brands in aus that i can look at?

if its the betta bowl heater i'm thinking of that is jus tlike a pad type thing with no settings on it then i would say get something different. i had one of those years ago and it just makes the water a few degrees warmer than your house. in the summer time it gets really hot becasue it doesnt have any settings and if you dont have the ac on it still will go few degrees higher than the house and its not a consistant temp. if you do decide to go that route then keep a close on on the temp daily.

thanks thats just what i needed i will keep him in the betta kit and wait till i get money (in a month) so i can get him that but really the kit that i have him in now keeps the tempretaure maybe JUST below 27 28 slightly below and it says it comes with an optinal light that heats the tank so which ever ones cheaper ILL BUY

the half gallon marina kit is amazing. I have one for my crowntail (profile picture) and i adore it. The only problem i have is that you really need to get new rocks for it when you buy it. The rocks are way to small and can easily be eaten by a betta and cause lots of health problems. Also get a fake plant that would go well with the set up. i have a white backdrop so i got a white plant and big blue rocks to use instead. But if your going to get a male the gallon tank might be better option. I have my male veil tail in a gallon tank and my female in my half gallon.

Also you can get reptile heating pads and use them under betta tanks or specilized betta tank heat mats.

Heating pads/mats = no bueno. There are plenty of micro heaters available in the shops, I know top fin sells one that is pretty decent. The problem with small tanks and micro heaters is the lack of a thermostat. You cannot change the temp at all which is not a good thing since they are set to the lowest temp in the bettas range. Also, micro heaters are ranges for tanks 2-5g (I have not seen one for smaller) so really that is the tank size you should aim for.

I put some Gravel from the Marina Betta Kit in some of the other tanks: maybe the small Gravel is the problem; I will use only large gravel or rocks; thank-u!

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who cares ? the information is everlasting isn't it ? Anna

See I got the information about how the Marina Gravel being too small might be making my fish sick; so I thank the poster for his comments in helping my fish!

I am looking for information: My crowntail is very sick~

Gravel has nothing to do with a fish being sick, actually having small grain is better because large gravel can rip bettas fins.
Also please make a new thread with your questions and include the following information.
Water parameters, tank size, filter, heater, and if the tank is cyled

okay thanks for your comment: the crowntail is better; but not out of the woods yet! I really love this Betta@"

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