Betta tank cleaning

January 3, 2019
Divided betta tank

Betta fish seem to be a very common pet for small children, and adults alike, since they are often used as prizes for carnival and fair games. They really require little maintenance as far as fish tanks go. The tank can be rather small, and still be a wonderful habitat for a Betta. My Betta fish came to me in the form of a birthday gift a few years ago. Dubbed 'Red Fishy' by my son, he has been a wonderful addition to our family. My son who is now 3 is responsible for feeding him, while I do the tank cleaning.

Taking on a betta fish as a pet should not be concerning. They are easily cared for and very resilient fish. I will show you how to properly clean a fish tank in under 15 minutes. Taking the guesswork out of the fish tank cleaning process may just help you decide to take on a betta fish as a pet. They really are low maintenance, and make a great first pet for children who need to learn the responsibility of pet ownership without taking on a larger pet like a cat or a dog.

Supplies Needed

Cleaning a betta fish tank is extremely easy. You will need:

  • Fresh Water
  • Bottle Brush
  • Bowl

I always fill a clean jug with water the night before I intend to clean my tank. This allows the water to acclimate to the exact temperature of the water in the tank. Otherwise you may run the risk of shocking your betta fish, and possibly causing the fish to die as a result.

My water comes from a well. Betta fish prefer a prefer a pH of neutral (7.0) or it can be slightly acidic. With Betta fish it is not a good idea to chemically alter the ph levels of their water. They can easily adapt to higher ph levels, so long as they are stable. If you have any concerns you can purchase 'Betta Water.' I have found for me it is an unneeded expense. Betta fish are a budget-friendly pet, and even their tanks are very affordable. You can also test the ph levels of your tap water if you have concerns over your ph levels.

You will need a large bowl or container for the tank accesories and rocks. A bottle brush is less abrasive and a good choice for my acrylic tank.

Remove The Betta Fish

Before you can clean the tank, you must first remove the fish. You can purchase a small fish net to remove your betta. Or you can use a small sterile container like I have and scoop your fish out of the tank. Betta fish can jump out of the water. Once you have removed your betta fish into another container place a small card or sheet of paper over the top. This will prevent your betta from trying to escape.

Remove Accessories

Now that your betta is out of the tank, it is time to remove the decorative accessories that are in your tank and place them in a large bowl. They will need cleaned as well as the rest of the fish tank. Getting them out now makes the rest of the process easier. I have a designated plastic bowl that I use for cleaning my fish tank.

Removing Dirty Water

Now that you have removed your Betta and any tank accessories, you should have a fish tank with dirty water, and pebbles if you use them. Slowly pour out the dirty fish tank water over your sink. The pebbles being fairly heavy will not cause too many problems while you pour the water out. Use caution as you drain the last bit out and your pebbles will still remain in the tank.


Once you have successfully drained the dirty fish tank water, you should be left with either an empty tank, or fish tank with only pebbles like I am. If you use pebbles in your tank, pour them over into the bowl with your tank accessories.

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