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August 1, 2019
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What are the Best Family French Door Fridges?

What are the Best Family French Door Fridges?

Family life can be turbulent and busy, especially during mealtimes. It helps to have a lot of workbench space in the kitchen and an oven and cooktop that can handle 4 or more people. Most larger families also choose a bigger fridge to accommodate not only mealtimes but also events like Christmas, Birthday parties and dinner evenings with friends.

Fridge Options

There are a lot of different fridge options to choose from. Households of 4 to 6 or more people benefit from either a side by side, pigeon pair or a spacious French door fridge. One brand that has shown to understand the needs of a large family is LG. Their slogan ‘Life’s Good’ truly seems to apply to every appliance they manufacture.

LG FridgeLG French Door Fridges

French door fridges not only look amazing, they are also conveniently spacious and come with lots of customisable storage solutions. LG’s French door fridges come with either 3 or 4 doors and most of them include a water and ice dispenser located on the outside of one of the doors so every family member can easily get themselves a drink of cold water whenever they want.

LG has also come up with a new so called ‘Door-in-Door’ technology that can save you energy because opening the smaller doors causes less cold air to escape. It also offers a whole new level of storage space as you can now keep items you regularly have to access like spreads, butter or smaller juices in these ‘Door-in-Doors’.

Most of LG’s French door fridges also feature clever flexibility with retractable shelves and even more storage options with added space in front of the fruit and vegetable baskets. Most families use this for fragile items such as eggs because this space is particularly safe.

The freezer section has also been completely re-invented by LG. You now have the option of moving shelves to suit your individual needs and store larger items in handy pull out drawers – and the best thing is that you don’t need to defrost most LG freezers as they come with a technology that keeps ice off shelves and food.

Overall, LG’s French Door Fridges offer the perfect mix of space, storage flexibility, innovative technology and design that will look great in your family kitchen!

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