Bettas Grow

January 22, 2020
Bettas love plants!
Color-enhancing pellet food with extra protein for growing fish
Quality nutrition supports color, growth and overall fish health
0.5mm pellets are sized right for young, juvenile aquarium fish

Promote rapid growth in juvenile fish with a trusted formulation. New Life Spectrum Grow Sinking Pellets carefully maintain what your fish love but formulated with a guaranteed 50% protein analysis for outstanding growth and development! High-protein pellets are made with superior ingredients, added Vitamins A, D & E plus a generous inclusion of garlic, popular for its flavor-enhancing AND natural anti-parasitic properties.

New Life Spectrum Grow Sinking Pellets support overall fish health, boosts immune system function AND bring out the full spectrum of your fish’s color with all-natural color-enhancing ingredients. New Life Spectrum Grow Sinking Pellets is for all types of freshwater and marine species including omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. Contains no added hormones. For best results, feed New Life Spectrum exclusively. 0.5mm sinking pellets are the right size for young, juvenile freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish

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