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August 11, 2021
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Fun Facts
  • Answer: Siamese fighting fish

    There are many species of betta fish but the best known, and by far the most popular is the Siamese fighting fish. I made up the other names.

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Bettas use what as a nest?Bettas belong to what family?
  • Answer: Osphronemidae

    Bettas belong to the family Osphronemidae which includes other air-breathing fish such as gouramis.

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Bettas need to watch their weight sometimes like people do! Overfeeding can cause them health problems or even kill them. How often should I feed my betta fish Santa?
  • Answer: once a day

    Usually the best option is to feed bettas once a day! They are small creatures and do not need alot of food at once but they should be fed daily. Santa is a merry little guy when he's full!

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Betta fish need to be in warmer water than goldfish do. Why?
  • Answer: They are tropical fish.

    Betta fish need to be in water that is a little warmer than some other fish as they come from the tropics. The temperature for bettas should be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If they get too cold, they will slow down. This is a very common mistake that betta owners make.

How big can a male bubble-nesting betta get?What do betta fish make their nests out of?
  • Answer: bubbles

    Betta fish make bubble nests. If you see a mass of bubbles floating on the top of the aquarium, it means that your betta is happy and healthy.

At what age can Bettas be sexed?Why do betta fish have upturned mouths?I placed a mirror beside my fish Santa's bowl. Why is my betta fish puffing up his fins and his lower gill at his reflection?
  • Answer: He is protecting his territory from what he thinks is another fish.

    Bettas are aggressive fish and protect their space. They are known to fight with their reflections in mirrors because they think it is another fish. They will fight and try to kill anything they see in their bowl as a threat. This is also why is it is wise to put bettas in their own tank unless they are used to other fish. Some pet stores do breed bettas to be in aquariums with other fish, but only one betta needs to be in the tank at a time. Some fish can be trained but do not assume a betta will adapt to other fish if it has never been in an aquarium.

In the wild, where can betta fish be found?
  • Answer: in rice paddies

    In addition to rice paddies, betta fish are found in puddles and slow-moving streams. Their natural environment is shallow, slow-moving water. They breathe air so they must be able to get to the surface easily.

It looks like my betta Santa has been making bubbles in his bowl! Why do male bettas often make bubble nests?
  • Answer: to prepare for eggs

    Male bettas are the providers for their families! Males are the ones in charge of nurturing and building nests for the eggs. Male bettas will build bubble nests in their fishbowls or tanks to prepare for eggs. This does not necessarily mean that they are breeding. Single male bettas will do this as a habit of nature.

Which betta parent cares for the young?
  • Answer: the male

    The male is the one who builds the nest and takes care of the eggs. As soon as the female lays the eggs, the male takes over, placing them in the nest. He will watch over the eggs for the next 2-3 days, catching and putting them back if they fall out of the nest. Around day 4, the eggs hatch.

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