Betta fish Losing color

January 15, 2019
16 Fish total, all are young

Also known as fin rot, tail rot occurs when the water quality in the aquarium is poor. Apart from the obvious signs of shortening and fraying on the fins of the fish, Bettas may exhibit other symptoms, such as loss of appetite, and their color may darken.

Keeping the water clean prevents the onset of tail rot. In case regular aquarium water maintenance was neglected, the water must be changed completely once the symptoms in the fish are noticed. Adding ampicillin can also help speed up the recovery of Betta fish, and their fins should start to grow back within a few weeks.

Once tail rot progresses to body rot, the condition will be harder to treat. However, Betta fish afflicted with the condition can still thrive with proper and immediate treatment. To treat body rot, the water must be completely changed, and then changed regularly from that point on. Higher doses of ampicillin should be used together with BettaZing medication to help the Betta fish recover.

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