Betta fish with other fish

October 15, 2020
Betta Fish With Other Fish

A beautiful Betta fish bearing the color of the Thai flag was sold in an online auction for the astonishing price of THB53, 500.

Here’s a video of the fish swimming in slow-motion to music:

After photos of the flashy fish went viral online, its owner, breeder Kachen Worachai, decided to auction the attention-getting fish online and posted it in a Siamese fighting fish sales group on Facebook.

With all the attention the photos got, Kachen thought he could surely earn some cash for the fish. He started the auction on Nov. 6 at THB99 and ended it on Nov. 8 at the astronomical price of THB53, 500. He was shocked when the bidding kept going up and up. He had hoped he might make just a few thousand baht for the fish.

No details of the successful bidder were revealed.

To be fair, the fish is a beauty and its shimmering blue, red and white stripes perfectly recreate, in scaly goodness, the Thai flag.

This was not the first time a breeder tried to create a Betta that mimics the flag — but it’s the first time someone has been successful, reported Bangkok Post.

"The chance of getting a fish with the flag's exact color is like one in 100, 000. So many people have tried to breed the Thai flag colors. Luck was really on my side, " said Kachen, 40, a shop owner who breeds the fighting fish for fun.

"I never expected my fish to go for this price, " he added

Kachen noted that, as far as he knows, the highest price paid for a Betta was for a beauty featuring a half-moon pattern that sold for THB23, 500.

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