Betta fish Profile

April 27, 2022
Dusan Kojic
Temperament: Unknown; Generally peaceful. Temperament is often determined by tanksize. DO NOT keep more than one male fighter in the same tank as they will spread their fins, flare their gills and attack each other. DO NOT keep male fighters with female fighters unless breeding is intended as the male will kill the female. Several females can be kept together, but should be watched closely as they may be aggressive. Male Fighters should not be kept with species that have large or flowing fins like fancy guppies or angelfish because they are sometimes confused with other male bettas.

In larger tanks, of 30 gallons or more, the territorial behaviour of the betta can reach its limits and it becomes possible to keep females together with males over the long term at a ratio of two to three females to one male. If the tank is heavily planted and has suitable visual barriers and hiding areas.Males will still fight in aquaria even up to 100 gallon, but females will sort out their differences if allowed sufficient space, and the male will usually contain his territory to a 1 foot square area, thusly meaning the females can use most of a 30 gallon tank unharried. Breeding can happen ad libitum in larger setups, and the initial aggression of introducing a female to a male in a smaller setup is completely avoided. Bettas kept in larger tank conditions often have increased muscle mass, fitness, and better breeding results. Though a fish usually recommended for small tanks, bettas often do better in larger setups, and with carefully considered stocking can do very well in a community where fin nippers and other territorial fish are avoided.

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