What to feed your Betta fish?

March 16, 2022
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How often Should You Feed a Betta FishWhen it comes to keeping fish in the aquarium, feeding is always part of the maintenance, making sure that your fish can actually have the right nutrients needed for them to survive. Sometimes you might get people just feeding the fish with any fish food. That should not be the case as different types of fish will have different requirements most of the time. In this case, we get to look at the Betta fish. This type of fish comes with some good news as it can feed on various varieties of food. You still have to know these types of food, how often to feed it and what not to feed it.

How much to feed a betta fish?

Feeding the betta fish is crucial, but you have to observe the amount. You would not want a lot of your fish food going to waste. Make sure to only feed it with enough food it can finish within 2 minutes. Do not be surprised as that just how much time it will take the betta fish to finish eating. The remaining food in the aquarium will simply go to waste. This food will now settle at the bottom of your aquarium and end up rotting in the process. You can imagine the amount of pollution this could cause in the aquarium.

With so much food settling at the bottom, you may have to clean the aquarium more often to remove the remnants. The pollution caused by the remaining food could easily make the fish be sick.

Sometimes you might get some betta fish eating more than 2 minutes. If you see such a behavior, it means your fish is getting fat. Yes, do not be surprised as the fish could actually get fatter with time. Check around the belly area to see if it has a bulge. With the bulge present, then your fish is definitely overweight.

For those using pellets to feed the fish, simply use 3 pellets at any feeding time to eliminate the wastage of food.

How often do you feed a better fish?

Most of the time you will buy an adult betta fish from the pet store. For such type of fish, simply feed it twice per day. Giving it more food each day would not help a lot as it would just go to waste as indicated earlier. You might get the label on the fish food stating that you should feed it more often, but in reality, we know it is all a gimmick to get you coming back to buy more fish food.

Source: aquariumadviser.com
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