Betta fish eggs care

November 20, 2018

Oh I would not cry victory yet if I were you. So far you have jumped through a bunch of hoops, but guess what? You are just getting warmed up my friend!! There are many many more awaiting you ahead. The worst part is: the hoops get smaller and smaller...Well, at least count your blessings, your bettas have spawned and now you are marveling at a bubble nest full of eggs. There are the poor bastards who had to go to the "problem with spawning page". LOL

Waiting for the eggs to hatch.

OK, where were we? Oh, yes, Mr Betta is as I said at his post, right below the nest. He is probably not moving much right now. Maybe looks kinda bored. Everynow and then you can hear him sigh ("ahhhhhh... have they hatched yet?") Things are slow for him right now, until the eggs hatch (and then all hell breaks lose). So, to pass time LOL, he will rearrange his nest, move the eggs around, clean them up, pick them up in his mouth, “gargle” and then spit them back out. He will also vent them with his pectorals to keep water circulating and prevent the fungus from attacking them, repair the nest, blow new bubbles to replace the ones that have popped, scan the bottom of the tank for any fallen eggs and immediately place them back in the nest, replace the garbage disposal, repaint the fence (oh sorry I got carried away, !). Ok so maybe the garbage disposal and the fence were pushing it a little, but short of that he will do EVERYTHING hence, the female is useless to the eggs and fry. Boy, I wish I was a female betta!! LOL. Many many males (oh so regrettably) end up eating their eggs either all at once or one at a time (“ooops I just swallowed another one, why do they make them so darn little!!!”). But for now, let us think positive and hope for the best :). He will pamper his eggs and thanks to his dedication, will allow the embryos in there to develop peacefully and to become ready for hatching. Depending on the water temperature, eggs will take anywhere from 36 to 72 hours to hatch. During the entire spawning process, meaning from the moment you introduce the pair until the moment the fry are swimming around and completely independent, you must follow two rules:

1)- leave the lights on day and night. The male must be able to see the eggs that have fallen and pick them up and if it is dark he won’t be able to do it. Eggs that lay at the bottom will promptly go bad and will not hatch.

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