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March 18, 2021
Baby Betta Fish Petco Tiny The
3426 Highland Ave
Ste B
National City, CA 91950
(619) 420-1764

Its very rare that I give 5 stars out but this time is very deserving. Location: Plenty of parking, but somewhat over crowded at times when leaving the location. Environment: Clean Staff: Excellent This was my first time ever buying anything for a pet so I had no idea what I was doing. I ended up receiving amazing assistance and knowledge on various fish, aquascaping, accessories and advice for future arrangements. I wish I knew the workers names because they truly knew what they were talking about and didn't get agitated with my 21 questions. I have since returned 3 more times. I even signed up for a rewards card, which is something I would typically decline.Management has done a great job with these hires I hope they are getting the pay to match the excellent service (probably not though). I am completely allergic to dogs, cats, humans etc and despite that, I will still continue to support this location. Great job guys/ gals.

So an update to my situation: I was contacted by the district manager, Amy, claiming she would give me a full refund for this horrible experience/service and guess what? Still nothing. It's been almost 2 months and I am still waiting on my refund. But you know, even after receiving that refund, what is gonna make up for the pain and suffering that my little baby went through huh? LIKE HELLO?! How much worse can this be. Honestly so so sooooo disappointed. I will be calling again but I mean I shouldn't even be the one to keep contacting this location. THEY should be contacting me since one of their employees abused my little baby. Definitely would rate this ZERO star if I could. Do not take your little fur babies to get groomed at this location.

From the east coast in a small town in rural-ish Dover, NH. Brought our Chihuahua who LOVED his groomer, Andrea from Petco up north. As it was a new place, our dog, Gizmo was pretty nervous. I asked for a tea treatment, spa package and a nail clip, buffer and paint (rare exception for a party he's attending tomorrow). While watching, I felt like they kept leaving him alone in his tub, which was why he cried so much. I got anxious and paced in front of the windows to kind of speed the women along, as my dog cried the entire time. I felt that they were taking on too much to handle. I asked other customers about experiences, and even though most were warm, the dogs were shaking and quivering and looked terrified. I figured that if they left all dogs in the bathtub for five to ten minutes like my dog, then all the dogs had reason to dread bath day. They dried him, where he screamed the entire time. They put him in a little kennel while they took on more customers. He was brought back to be fluff dried then whisked over to the nails table where they quickly painted his nails after cutting and buffering. As an emotional wreck, I was ready to rip my tiny baby away from these women. At the end, while they called me in to discuss payment, before I had a chance to explain my concerns, they told me about checking Gizmo's paws while bathing him and noticed that they were definitely dry and cracked and his skin was bone dry - so they let him have a proper ten minute soak in the tea treatment and that they felt bad because they knew from his whining, he was clearly in pain while the ointment soothed his wounds. She assured me the water had been super warm, but that he was crying because my face was in the window and the one time I backed away, he piped down to get her attention and another bottom rub. I wanted to find fault and be angry, but honestly, I probably didn't make things easier. I gave a four star because the management of Petco the company has new rules instated - no carrying the dogs anymore. My dog tends to fare better if he's carried. I can live with that rule. One of the other new rules is that the staff wears protective headphones because it gets loud in the room with the hair dryer. If it's irritating for a human to take that much noise, then the dogs should have something as well or have a quieter hair dryer provided by the company.

I shopped here a few times while I was trying out different brands/flavors of cat food for my cat who was recently diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. I don't shop here any more for because the prices are higher, they complain about accepting coupons, and told me that I was going to be charged for taking pictures of the cats that were up for adoption. Petsmart gets all of my business now, and if I can't get what I want at Petsmart, I order it.

Amazing care for the animals here. Love the people and manager Marc. All the fish are super healthy, even got a cute little baby betta here. The staff was super helpful and really caring and funny! They actually interact with you and this was literally the first time I ever received good service from a petco in my area! Thank you Brenda for being such an amazing staff member ! This petco has the absolute most beautiful selection of betta fish I've seen and by far the healthiest. Love love love this location !

Great store my dogs love it we will be back soon from all of us. Alley loves the store

I come here for my dogs food and to buy new fishes. The staff is really nice and helpful they ask if you need help and they don't ignore you. I like coming here for all my pets needs. It's also close to many Other stores and home :)

We have a Great grooming staff :) but our phones have been down since sunday may1st, so if you would like to walk in to make an appointment or see if we have walk in availability. Thank you!

This is my local Petco, so it's the location I most frequent. Prices are a little more expensive than Petsmart, but Petco is locally owned and started so I support it. Also, Petsmart is known for discriminating against bully breeds and I have a bully breed. The people who work here are nice. It's almost like living in a small town because every time I come in I always see the same people. It's mostly males I've encountered working here. They're always very knowledgeable about the products carried in the store and always nice. Make sure you sign up for the Petco rewards. $5 for every $100 spent and it's easy to spend $100 at Petco, especially if you have a large dog - or two large dogs like me!

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