Half Moon Betta fish female

October 31, 2014
Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide
While a bit rarer at your local pet store, halfmoon bettas are a very popular tail type as well, especially among betta breeders. If you want to find one from a responsible breeder you should probably easily be able to do so online! Halfmoons are named after their long, flowy and (obviously!) halfmoon shaped caudal (tail) fin, which has an angle of 180° when the fish is flaring. Some breeders also breed bettas with a tail that spreads over 180°, which they call over halfmoon bettas.

My personal favorite, plakat bettas are short finned bettas. !Photo by Philosophicalfish Just be sure not to confuse female bettas with plakats, as they both have short fins and can look quite similar. Females can be recognized from their thinner ventral fins and egg spot.

Plakat bettas are favored by many betta keepers because their shorter fins mean they don’t get tired as quickly and are less vulnerable to fish diseases like fin rot. They are often much more active than longer finned bettas and while they may have short fins, they are just as colorful and definitely not any less beautiful!

Crowntail bettas are named after their unique looking caudal fin, which resembles the spiked appearance of a crown. While they are not as popular as veil tail or halfmoon bettas, you should usually be able to find both the long finned and plakat varieties without much trouble. If the extremely crowned appearance of a regular crowntail betta is a bit too much for you, you can also try looking into combtail bettas. While not as easy to find as crowntails, their fins are much less spiked but still have a slightly comb-shaped appearance that really makes them stand out!

Rosetail betta Dumbo betta in an aquarium store.
Source: www.aquariadise.com
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