Baby Betta fish Petco

August 13, 2021
Baby Betta Fish Petco Hd
1401 E Spring Valley Road
Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 238-5257

Juana at the grooming salon is an angel. She always gives my little puppy the BEST treatment. I was a little nervous coming in having had a negative experience at a different Petco, but Juana did such a great job! She is always really caring and gentle with my pup, and she answers all my questions. I feel very grateful for her. This Petco service is great. The whole staff here is really nice and helpful. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is that it's a little run down and corporate could do a little something to make it look nicer. Other than that, no complaints :)

This place has the worst customer service ever. We needed help with getting a bird. We tried looking several times for help; since the cashier was busy didn't want to be a bother. No one to be in sight. Finally when the cashier was busy, we asked him to get us some help. He said he would get someone for us. He never even bothered to get us helped out. Instead just let us sit there like idiots, standing looking at the bird we thought we wanted. We stood there a good 20 minutes waiting. We got tired of waiting and just left. And the cashier still had the nerve to say "have a good night ladies". I'd understand if we were rude, noisy, impatient costumers. But we weren't, we waited patiently. I always try to understand I can't get tended to when I want. But to get blatantly ignored is just unacceptable.

Daniel at store #439 is rude and unprofessional. In fact he hung up on me when I called to complain about the way he treated my family that went to purchase turtles. Unfortunate experience after we go frequently to purchase fish and fish accessories. Petsmart warned our business instead.

I have stopped at this location before and have been completely ignored. However, I stopped here on Tuesday night and was immediately greeted by an associate, Jamal. After shopping around for a bit through the dog isles, I wondered over to the reptile area where Jamal asked me if I was finding everything okay. I asked if I could get some crickets and he then asked how many and what size I needed. After a very short wait, Jamal returned with the bag o' crickets and a smile. Not only did he help me very fast and friendly, but he also but some cricket food in the bag with the crickets to ensure that they would survive the trip home- no employee has EVER done that before. Not at a Petco, Petsmart or any other pet store. He really went the extra mile. I will definitely be going back to this Petco! On a note for the store, I wish they had a wider selection for XS collars, I could not find any for my chihuahua.

This shop did a very good job of dog care. A small Brussels Griffon bathed, trimmed and clipped. Clean, smart, and detailed service. Far better than Velvet Snout. I went back to tip the service.

Do NOT take your dog to get groomed here. I took my mini dachshund, Toby, to get a haircut (trim) here. I asked for to be a little bit shorter than usual (about 1/4in) and what did I get back? A SHAVED dog!! I did not ask for this! Also he spent 5 hours there in a tiny cage (he is still confused) phone call to pick him up or anything. The groomer, Liz, was probably trying to figure out how to explain this horrible thing she did to me. WORST place ever!!!

Staff is great! And their grooming ladies are the best. I have a 1 yr. old standard poodle and after trying multiple places a friend recommended this Petco location. Since my dog's 1st visit they did a phenomenal job! I only take her there now. Grooming Staff goes beyond their jobs! I can tell how much they love what they do and how much they care about our pets.

DO NOT use a grooming at this location! We'd get screw at the first time (3 months ago), decide to give a second change today...Guess what??? Got screwed again... I feel like call the cops on them today! Overcharged, couldn't find our appointment and what's worse our dog got shaved to 0 Got to HELL y'all.I can't believe we gave a second chance! DO NOT use a grooming services at this location! Staff rotation will dive this location to the bottom!

Yah, I might have to agree with Frater M. here. It is a sad, sad, sad location. It is an anomaly that it has continued to stay in business this long. I am almost a little ashamed of myself that I have gone back. It is so much closer to me than the Pets Mart on Greenville, however it is almost worth the drive considering the prices at PetCo are a little steep. I have no fish or terrarium experience with pet stores, but I do know their dog food prices are more than most. The place is eerily quiet and always empty. I usually don't see a employee until I need to check out. Yet, it stays open and fully stocked with all your pet supply needs?

Who knew the BEST pet store is in my neighborhood? I took my 13 yr old grandson to his local pet store, Pet Smart on Coit & Campbell. We shopped for a couple of hours and I bought $50 worth of Betta stuff. And a Betta. I was a novice and told the sales young man that I would have to rely on his expertise. FIRST BIG mistake. I now know he used me to dump his bad inventory. The next day, same cutie grandson went to a pet store in Plano near Jump street. Bought some old live plants 75% off. that was a steal. Tonight my husband suggested our neighborhood pet store. I had forgotten about it. The employees are older and more experienced. The Betta inventory is far superior than the other 2 stores. The fish department is AWESOME. Lots of fun turtles that were so much fun to watch. Baby bettas for $1.99 and starter kits for $4.99!

I live a few minutes from the store and go a few times a month. I like the employees, they are always very helpful and accommodating, and the store is always clean and well stocked. I love taking my baby and watching the ferrets play and fish swim! We even bought her a fish from this store last night. :)

The grooming manager, Stephanie, and her staff are amazing. They are so kind and so patient, and Stephanie is a very talented groomer. I have 2 standard poodles who are always groomed immaculately when they go there, and they are treated gently and with love by the whole staff. I wouldn't bring my dogs anywhere else.

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