Siamese Fighter tank

June 7, 2020
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Photos courtesy of Jill & Pete's Fish Tank

Common name: Siamese Fighter, Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta
Scientific name: Betta splendens
Synonyms: (none)
Size: Up to 3" (7.5cm)
Origin: S.E. Asia: Cambodia, Thailand
Tank setup: Planted tank with some floating plants, and gentle circulation
Compatibility: Usually peaceful, although individuals vary - do not mix with fin-nippers
Temperature: 24-29oC (75-84oF), but will tolerate cooler temperatures.
Water chemistry: Not critical: fairly soft to medium hard, pH 6.0-8.0
Feeding: Carnivorous, small live and frozen foods and flake/granular foods.
Sexing: Males have elongated finnage
Breeding: Bubble nest builder; the male will entice the female under the nest. Remove female after spawning. The male will guard the eggs, which should hatch in 24 hours. The fry should be fed very fine foods, such as baby brine shrimp.
Comments: Males must not be kept together, otherwise they will fight - sometimes to the death. Females can be kept together, but can be territorial. Numerous different colour and fin types have been produced. These fish are frequently sold and kept in small unheated and unfiltered containers, but this is a far from ideal environment for them. A fish should be kept in conditions which allow it to thrive, not just survive. Ask anyone who has 'seen the light' and upgraded their SF/betta to more suitable living conditions, and they will tell you what a different fish they can become!

This is often a difficult fish to mix in a community tank. Many fish will nip on the long flowing fins, even some species which do not usually fin-nip. On the other hand, some bettas can be aggressive to fish they see as rivals (such as male guppies with their fancy tails).

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