Betta fish illness and Cures

August 25, 2022
Ich Disease on Betta Fish Fins
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Viral betta diseases can be highly contagious; but even if they’re not, they can be fatal to your fish if left untreated for any considerable amount of time. Here are just three of the most common viral diseases that afflict bettas, and their treatments or control measures.

IPN – Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis

This is one of the most contagious and fatal betta fish diseases that may affect your fish. There is currently no known treatment for IPN; in all likelihood, the fish will die of the disease but, resilient as they are, some might cross symbol Surviving fish should ideally recover within one or two weeks. If any of your bettas are affected by this, frequent water changes and quarantining the affected betta will stop the infection from spreading to your other pets. Unfortunately, that’s about all you can do as a pet owner.

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