Pregnant Betta fish

July 18, 2022
Is My Betta Fat Or Constipated

Pregnant guppy and guppy fry questions

So I have 3 males and two females. My mom ignored me when I said 1 male and 3 females. So yeah. One of the females came pregnant. When I knew she could birth any day I separated her and the other female so she wouldn't be alone into another tank. And I woke up this morning to a few guppy fry. Without thinking I netted and cupped out 5 guppy fry and put them into one of my 1 gallon hospital tanks.

So heres my most important questions I would like answered.

Diamond(Mother guppy): Should I have waited to pull out the babies? I wasn't even sure if she was done. I don't think so because her stomach is still pretty black. I was just extremely worried her or Zora would eat the fry.

Feeding: How many times a day? Should I crush up TetraColor Tropical Flakes( Thats what the adults eat) or I have a freshly unopened API Tropical Flakes. I don't have a way to get any fry food yet so crushed flakes are the best their gonna have to deal with until I get to a pet store or find some online after my mom gets paid again.

Will adding a marimo moss ball benefit the fry any? I have 6 three in each of my bigger tanks so I can spare one for them if it will benefit them.

How can I tell if the fry are healthy? They are hard to see so I don't know if I will be able to get any pictures.

(Less important questions)

Would it be okay to add pink gravel (Newly bought yesterday so unopened) and one of my fake plants from my other tanks.

Would algae hurt the fry? Both my bigger tanks have algae so if I use a plant from one of them it might bring the algae with it.

I have never ever raised any type of fry before so this is new. By the way I'll probably be either selling the fry when their bigger or giving them to my brothers girlfriend. Shes interested in my guppies and my ghost shrimp so I told her if any of the fry or shrimp larvae survive I'd give her some. Right now one of my shrimp is carrying eggs.

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